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T h e   A l c h e m i s t s

-A Profession-Level Org


-Not a Government

-Does NOT require loyalty or Sovereignty

-Not a Mutually-Exclusive Org

-Not a bunch of jerks!


If you consider yourself mainly a builder, then you belong in the Alchemists. We are a profession-level org, that means memberships indicate to potential employers that you are a specialist. I will be managing contracts with other orgs to craft and design Blueprints for military or civilian tech, and members of the guild will be welcome to collaborate on these contracts or form contracts of their own.


In essence this is more like a Crafting Guild. There will be some shared resources, some shared workspaces, and every opportunity to cooperate. There will be a bank of org-owned blueprints and elements that each member of the guild can use and incorporate into their own designs. As the Legate of 4 interconnected orgs, the Alchemists will benefit from the protection of the Free Lancers (Mercenary guild), the resources of the Squires (resources-for-DAC's guild), and will have bases of operation located safely within Terran Union space and Cinderfall.


And we will start in Alpha. Yep, blueprints for constructs and elements that a player creates in Alpha and Beta will all transfer over to the actual release. It will be essential for Builder's guilds like the Alchemists to have access to the earlier builds of the game, and I'll have that access. I will make ALL of my Blueprints available to the Alchemists, including the ones I develop during Alpha and Beta, and if curious Alchemists don't have access to those earlier builds of the game, I will be happy to test out and draft constructs based on notes and sketches by request.


You have nothing to lose, build with us!

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Good luck in (or do you say 'with'?) your future endeavours!

Thanks! I'm in the process of re-branding my other orgs as well now that I'm comfortable making vector images. I wanted to start with the Alchemists because they are likely to be more active during the Alpha than the other orgs (no need for squires during alpha without DAC's for example).

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Your   The Alchemists group  are the first who got me interested.


I'm studying to become an artist but in his spare time, after school, I draw spaceships and other things  :)

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I've added a pair of posts to the Alchemists community page explaining more or less the rules of the org and how it will work in practice.


In summary, the main advantages of the Alchemists will be to be able to build in org-owned workshops, store constructs safely there, and use the org to form contracts with other orgs for constructs and tech. Alchemists can also use org-owned blueprints and resources in projects, however when a player uses org-owned materials and blueprints as primary components of their construct, the org should end up owning in the resulting blueprint and construct. Org owned blueprints and constructs can be sold to expand the resources that org members have access to.


More or less an organized shared workspace.

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