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news with creepa volume 2

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welcome to WNWC where we take two days to write a single paragraph.

Sorry for missing out on saturday, i was kinda occupied so i couldnt make it.


but in other news this was a week full of surprises



TU: have been ranking up very fast: growth since last week (gslw)= 36

BOO:are keeping up with TU decently gslw=12

FS:are pretty much where they have been gslw=0

SLI: had a small reduce of members over the week but recovered gslw=4


in other news CinderFall passed DUE and went back to the top five 

BOO changed their logo




DU official youtube channel have been delivering videos astonishingly fast.

they delivered 3 new videos including: "voxel technology" and others. 

We dont know why manny videos in such short periods, but its a good strategy to bring more people to the kickstarter.




Today the have 371,000 euros.

for the people that doesnt know their goal is 500,000 with some add-ons if they get to 650,000

good work DU!


well that was all for this week, i hope this was usefull.

i am creeper and this was weekly news report with creepa

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