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E-Book based in the Dual Universe setting.


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  1. 1. What Genre should it be? There's Multi choice so you can choose ones you think would work good together. If there are genres not on here that you think would be good just mention them.

    • Military (Should our Main character be part of a Military? Should he be a freedom fighter?)
    • Romance (This ones obvious but we could probably use some suggestions on Who our main character falls in love with.)
    • War (Should it be based in a war?)
    • Aliens (Should there be aliens? Not the ones who impregnate your face.)
    • Comedy (Should we forget all the serious stuff and have a Cynical main character whose always criticizing stuff?)
    • Technical (Should the various technologies in the book be explained at some point?)
    • Adventure (Should our main character be an Explorer or Trader?
  2. 2. What time period will it be based?

    • Just as the Ark Ship lands.
    • A long time after when there are hundreds of settled worlds.
    • Before the Ark Ships were launched.
    • Just before the Ark Ships are launched with the Main character going into Cryo sleep and then waking up as the Ark ship lands?

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Hello every one, I plan on publishing an E-book on Amazon

But i need your help guys to decide what genre it will be and when it will be based, As the Ark ship lands and after it? a Thousand years after it when billions of humans populate the stars with different governments with a saucy galactic war between different governments?


Also if any of you would like to suggest what the Book could be about then just simply reply below.


Oh by the way if any one is good with digital work if some one could make me a cover once the Genre and all that is decided then that would be nice.         :) 

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