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Found 2 results

  1. Allow screens to be receivers by subscribing to Subspace data channels and allow users/factions to broadcast their content on a channel. The implementation would require a Broadcast element which could be an extended screen or maybe a new comms element that would accept an input link from a normal screen and just add the channel ID bits. The receiver would just be a screen with a channel_id (subscribe) feature addition. The existing content definition system is already more than adequate. This would enhance economy and advertising gameplay and just general RP value. Organizations could use this to post recruiting, contracts, security notices, for-sale notices etc,etc from far away locations. Of course they would have to convince owners of high-visibility facilities to show their channel... new gameplay in and of itself!
  2. So this is more of a stub than anything worthy of debate. I just wanted to say that I hope there is support for using multiple monitors and higher resolutions (such as 5760x1080), as well as the FOV and other graphics options that go with it. As far as I can tell, the engine shouldn't have any issue with supporting that, so I don't know why it wouldn't be included. Having the game function across multiple monitors allows for the more space to do things, as well as increase the game's immersion. I would hope that the UI would be movable. This would definitely help avoid not being able to see what is going on due to having too many menus open at the same time (I'm looking at you, EVE Online ...).
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