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Alpha 1

Found 2 results

  1. Just thought about a gravity element to rule the UP and DOWN in space. This element could be scripted and given a force vector to setup gravity within a spaceship Gravity could be then canceled, turned up or down at will When first deployed in a construction it would give the default gravity force vector, so what ever you build around you would be sure which voxels compose the ceiling and the floor of your construct in space gravitation. Turning up or down the gravity would allow spaceship interior configuration for the diferent gravity forces And canceling the gravity force might be usefull during an enemy assault, and disabling the enemies ships landing possibility
  2. ShadowLordAlpha

    Orbital Access

    Well we know that there will be like thrusters and anti-grav but we don't know how much these would cost and we do know that the devs want it to take some time before we are able to do so, so what about other options to exit planets? Space Elevator: An extremely large construct built to deliver cargo and other smaller constructs to Space drastically reducing the cost of actually getting to space. These work by having some kind of track connected to a planet at one end and platform commonly in Geosynchronous Orbit falling around the planet Climbers then use this track to climb up all the way to the platform. This falling keeps the track straight and tight between the two endpoints. In some designs these tracks are encased in a cylinder that leads all the way up to the platform. Mass Driver: Basically a large track that will accelerate an object to escape velocity and then fire it out. The acceleration track can be curved or straight and easily be long enough so that there are not excessive G-forces applied to passengers or to fragile cargo. Ground based Propulsion: Using a kind of sail energy is transferred from the ground to a ship that then utilizes this energy to make the accent. Many different kinds of energy could be used and different kinds of transfer methods from laser to plasma pulses. Each of these could also be used for other things for example the space elevator could have a large planetary ring built along with it and solar power cells and defensive weapons built on it. The mass driver could be used to throw missiles or other weapons at a target and the Ground based Propulsion might be able to be adapted into some kind of energy based defense weapon for a planet.