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Found 2 results

  1. I would like to compliment the artists who are designing the elements. I thought the early placeholders where good, but when I see the recent designs, I am impressed that they have become even better. In a science fiction setting, it seems easy to make things appear either too mundane or too fantastic, but I feel the artists are getting the balance just right and giving the elements a strong sense of believably. These are obviously very talented people who put a large amount of care into their work and I thank them for their contribution to DU.
  2. Hello everybody, I'd like to know how the art and the artists are managed in the game (if it is planned already). Could a player develop art habilities (painting, sculpture, music, ornaments, etc), making Blueprints of their artworks and then selling (or exchanging) them to providers, stores, individuals, etc? Could these artworks be admired on exhibitions, museums, festivals, competitions (in Alioth) and be awarded? Could (for instance) exist a music billboard and radiostations, showing the preferences of the public in Alioth, about the songs that music players record for the game? Well, some ideas shown here. I think that if someone is an artist in his "first life", why not being it also in Alioth, and get a profit for it (ingame money)? Greetings. PS: sorry if there is some writing fault. English is not my mother language (although I love it).
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