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Found 2 results

  1. Beside the body type customization where we could play with some body height and size parameters: Character customization could be done ingame while playing by allocating attachment points to each part of the body structure: -Head .mouth .eyes .ears .nose .chin -Neck -Shoulders left/right -Upper arms left/right -Lower arms left/right -Hand -Torso -Belly -Back -Waist -Upper leg left/right -Lower leg left/right -Feets left/right Through the ingame building mod could build each of those parts seperatly and attach them and while in a standard standing pose, beeing able to adjust the position and rotation on the body, script them, adding aura particules, blinking light, lazers etc... Limiteless possibilities, everyone will have his own unic self made character or share same unic designed armor or suit as his community members... Later on could also trade those creations
  2. Okay, today I figured I would bring this up for debate as I have not seen a massive amount on this subject yet. In a good character creator we need many things to make a game great, for one - a realistic character creator, hopefully nothing like ARK Survival Evolved with unrealistic postures and body sizes. Then perhaps a decently detailed character creator - a good example of which would at-least to me be Eve Online's character editor/creator. High detail models, with various aesthetic options to choose from. As we know we will be staring at these characters for nearly 90% of our time in-game. So for the most part we do not want to see some horridly misshapen character looking back at us. To create a good character you need some freedoms, mostly to choose body types, sexes, facial features, hair and eye colors; but it does not need to be taken to the extreme either. Where you have full access to the editing of arm, leg, hand, feet, and head sizes. That in my opinion is a total recipe for disaster, especially if the developers are looking to go for near complete realism within the game. Now there are exceptions as well in which would work quite well, for instance aesthetic options like tattoos, scaring, or augments, or external cybernetics like arms or legs would be a plus, even if they were part of a skin $ shop. Anyway I thought I would bring this to all of your attention and let you decide on the factors behind it. Feel free to comment and change my ideas around or even add on to them. You do not need to ask for my permission, I quite in-fact welcome the input. It helps the idea generation process. So let me leave you with a question: What do you think of the current Character Creation ideas? What would you do in the position of the developers in this instance? Have fun debating. . .
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