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Found 4 results

  1. Has there been discussion regarding whether the DU team is expecting to integrate VR support? This would be the most incredible VR experience I could think of! If anyone has any details, I'd love to hear more about it. Thanks!
  2. I am very excited about the possibility that this game will be released in VR. I think VR was made for a game like this and would really add to the immersion. I know NQ mentioned it is a possibility (they said it's the reason they went for a first person point of view). This was actually a big selling point for me. I know there is funding available for developers from both Oculus and Vive. http://venturebeat.com/2016/10/06/facebook-will-double-its-250-million-investment-in-vr-content/ What are the chances of VR being available for the initial release?
  3. Indestructible safe zones in the main world space are nightmares for any player that likes role playing or fighting. Destructible things are just a must for any continuous story to thrive with empires falling and new ones rising in their place. That's one of the reasons Halo has such a good story line, the UNSC lose countless battles that actually felt impactful. Entire planets were glassed, monuments destroyed, and lives lost in the age old conflict between the Humans and Covenant. Other great stories and games alike use the destruction of major monuments to give a sense of desperation and awe in the eyes of the audience. The one thing that completely screws this up is when said monuments are indestructible for the lone reason that a creator doesn't want to lose his or her precious work. This completely shatters the experience for any player who doesn't like to just look at something without any form of interaction. In order to make something matter in the role playing world things cannot be static. As a direct consequence of the above game mechanic, Arkification Tokens are put out of the question. They are barriers to the cycle of build, destroy, and rebuild which both fighters and roleplayers thrive on, as well as requiring a multitude of limitations to prevent abuse which almost always decrease immersion. Alien Ruins are something which makes sense lore wise but would also cause a disruption in the cycle. Any truly safe area in the game universe provides a place where players will flock to and also attract griefers and trolls. When there is no challenge that players have to overcome there is usually less incentive for development and more for the abuse of mechanics. The general player base has a low tolerance for people who are abusive, and this causes people to find creative ways to protect themselves, given the right tools, so in other words development counters abuse, and abuse encourages development when the tools for such development are provided. The kinds of development I'm talking about are security organizations, police forces, and security systems that can all be created by players, meaning more immersion, player interaction, and less need for developer intervention. A truly player driven MMORPG. The builders still need a safe place to build, and that's where Virtual Simulators come in real handy. Virtual Simulation fits perfectly with immersion and provides no barriers to the cycle, as it doesn't actually affect the universe apart from providing blueprints, which boost economic growth, player ability, and creation quality for basically everyone. There's a lot you can do with blueprints, and for a game of this type, that could only be positive. Safe zones have to be managed regardless, but virtual spaces are completely controlled by their creator in the first place.
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