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Found 2 results

  1. EMP Gaming Hello Dual Universe Members. I hope you are all doing well lately. For some it may be a surprise, and for others it may be not in their best interest. Either way, EMP Gaming is a community I have been working on for quite some time and It is mainly a website/server listing network. Mainly for publishing your website or server etc. However, we have many members that are interested in Dual Universe and the majority of them are going to be new to the community! Look forward to seeing a lot of newcomers from our community, and please give them a warm welcome. Many of you know about Unity League and the past organizations that I have lead in the early stages. First of all, I know this isn’t enough, but I do apologize for the trouble I caused in the past, and after I have had time to think over the past and be away from the community I feel as if I can fully understand what happened. While I do not like the past we have created; it did bring a lot of action in DU even before a playable build was out. It may have been negative action, but surely it brought conflict, which isn’t always a bad thing for a community. However, it got to the point where it became unhealthy for the community. I took a long break, and when I left DU I did mention I may come back. I have decided it is best for me to come back and restart. EMP Gaming will be a organization that is completely neutral to everything for now. For some of you, you may still have hate towards us, but all I can say is: we want to restart without the harsh negativity on top of us. If this is possible, and maybe some of you could come to an agreement to give us a good chance to succeed and be in peace, I would be delighted. I will have more information along with other info from silver2127, the other leader, at a later date, but hope you all have a good week! (I understand the grammar and sentence structure may be a bit off.) - mmtheboss
  2. The resistance against the oppression. Welcome to the Unity League. The empire of freedom. In our ranks we will grant the players the freedom they demand while being tight-knit enough to form a formidable power. Our goal is to stand apart from groups like Cinderfall and provide a safe place for the freedom the player demands. Formed out of necessity, the Unity League was created from 2 empires that bonded together to stand grounds against ruthless groups that threaten the liberty of the common player. Step into your destiny and become a honorable member of our growing group. Our system is based on our main 4 branches. Step into a land of opportunity today! Learn more/join: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/unity-league Discord: https://discord.gg/6BzuHWe YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Minecraftlazerproduc This official post is approved by @TheSlaxx and @Ardour -- The Unity League End of Broadcast --
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