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Found 3 results

  1. Hello fellow citizens! Welcome to the Osiris Federal Republic! Organized around the ideas of freedom and prosperity, our organization gives our members complete freedom in how they wish to live within Dual Universe and their contribution towards the nation! The SFR is a democratic organization, one that promotes liberty and defends it from those who wish to rule with tyranny! From our vast new member programs, to our reward system, our government is here to support all our citizens! We believe firmly in letting our members' creativity grow and expanding their knowledge in the depth of Dual Universe with the help of our Alpha Veterans. From mining to PvP, we support any and all play styles within the verse! Our robust community provides opportunities in all sectors and is supported by a firm belief in merit. Hard work is at the core of any successful organization, and we provide exceptional means of rewarding our members. With the institution of national programs such as wages, dividend/share distribution and fair recognition, our members have the means of rising through the ranks with dedication and creating success! At Osiris we also offer immense protection services. Whether it be through the routine patrols by our expansive fleet or the safe havens of our cities and stations, Osiris is sure to provide a secure environment for you to succeed! We are looking for creative intuitive members who are willing to work in a team environment for the better of the organization. With us, your choice matters and your opinions are always heard. We facilitate and welcome an environment that will enable you to be yourself. The nation is divided into multiple ministries of governance, who work synonymous with each other. While working within the departments of your choosing, you will be offered the choice of being tightly integrated within our teams that expertise in their roles, while at the same time offering the autonomy and freedom you desire. Our three ministries consist of; the Ministry of Development, Ministry of Defence, and the Ministry of State! Please check out our website for more information! https://osirisfederal.wixsite.com/a-new-beginning/ At the leadership level, we have integrated pathways for promotions within the organization. Hard work is always recognized and rewarded! Members have both the economic prosperity associated with your freedom as well as the access to immense resources to construct the next titans of the fleet! Like any successful organization, communication among our members is paramount. That's why we offer a 24/7 active discord community to converse and make lasting friendships that organically develop beyond the scope of this virtual reality! Hope to see all of you soon! https://discord.gg/sm54skF
  2. Halloooo! I'm Kuritho, a fucking self-destroying cuck person trying to learn C# for small projects such as finding out nuclear launch-codes making a bad model of a solar system, how various thrust works, bullet calculations, ect. All the goodie physics that I am so horrible at. I'm (almost) a complete beginner and I'm wondering: Where should I start with? Is "Hello World" really the best option? Are there any recommended plugins for Unity?
  3. Greetings, I've been following the progress of Duel Universe for quite some time now, and so far I'm loving the idea and what they've made so far! I have one question, though, which has made me very curious. Why do they develop this game in UNIGINE and not in UE4 or Unity? I might lack some knowledge and information about the differences between these 3 game engines, but from my understanding, UNIGINE are great when it comes to rendering, but so is UE4 and the cost of using UNIGINE is so expensive that a lot of developers doesn't use it at all, as they can bring out a very similar result from using UE4 (Maybe Unity as well?). Keep in mind that the information that I've gathered, comes from reading and doing research, so correct me if I'm wrong! This question will be irrelevant if they don't use UNIGINE anymore, as I gathered that info from wiki. The question in short is: Why choose UNIGINE when there are so many other engines out there who can bring a very similar result?
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