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Found 3 results

  1. Please add seeds like ponecones for pine, redwood, douglas fir, and maybe they come with super fertilizer so they grow 5% a day. 20 real days to maturity. Trees with collision we can attach items to once mature. Ideal for suspended redwood homes, bridges.
  2. Another wild and crazy idea for you all! From what we've seen in the game, from the trailers and videos, is all metal building voxels and terrain voxels. All the rocks and trees, while detailed, appear to be "elements", which can't be mined. I'm proposing that trees and bushes, while not necessarily made from voxels themselves, generate or release materials that can be made into wood voxels. Especially if there are a variety of types of wood colors and grains. Why? Because nothing says luxury like an all wood interior! Hmm... that wasn't wild or crazy...
  3. We saw beautiful forests. We saw ground mining. But we didn't see tree harvesting, and as we know, it should be on the alpha. So, I have some questions regarding trees: 1. Are trees made out of voxels like the ground, or like elements, or something else? 2. When a player harvest a tree, is it done like mining? Does all the tree disapear or just one chunk? 3. If only one chunk disapear, how to reach the top of the tree? Does the top fall to the ground or stay like a mountain? These questions may look weird, but I may have some ideas depending on the answer.
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