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Found 3 results

  1. Rights and Duties Management System (RDMS) will be one of the very powerful customization systems in DU. Read the DevBlog here if you have not already. Effectively tags can be used to give access to assets etc etc. I assume that in the current RDMS system, a player will know what tags he/she has. Effectively these are like keys to a spaceship or passcard for a door. The suggestion of this topic is that a tag can be placed on a person without their knowledge. These invisible tags would not be able have duties connected to them because this could lead to a player losing money without knowing about it. The uses for this are also quite broad. For example: it could be used to not only tag intruders but to keep track of the intruder long after they have left. This has an additional effect that invaders would need a hacker to look at their hidden tags and clean out any unwanted ones. What would you use invisible tags for?
  2. Long have we waited, and longer still shall we continue to wait. My friends, in this chaotic world we find ourselves in on Alioth there are no empires or factions left standing. Due to certain events it seems that no force is capable of establishing itself as the leading directive over us humans. And as such, there will be no NPC factions for us to join as you would in E.VE. So all these independent guilds of any style, little corporations to giant factions, are going to be using market nodes. It hasn't been well defined how a market node will work exactly, if they are going to be regional, who decides the regions, if they just have a sphere of influence that makes some some sense but not entirely, for instance can multiple Market Units be placed inside of each others sphere of influence. Will the market units communicate with each other prices, is that something players could link together if the Market Unit owners are friendly. And on the Note of the market units, how could players from a different guild peacefully go and buy something from some other guild without just being blown up on sight for being an unknown. I'd like to merge the ideas of E.VE and SW.G, with a reputation similar to the first, and a status declaration system similar to the second. Leaving it to guilds to decide what a good reputation is, or even adjusting it by regions or specific Territory Units. Naturally pirates wouldn't care to obey the laws, but they'll also have to establish their own networks and way to get to any said system, Rogue Gates essentially. Anyhow, allowing guilds to establish these settings, they can have tags automatically apply to players to come through their stargates. Just for instance, you are this trader and you fly up to this other guilds Stargate and it asks you: 1.) Do you want to purchase faction reputation 2.) Turn in faction tokens for reputation 3.) Use gate (requires X reputation level) So you go through the gate and are automatically declared a non-hostile player by whomever administrated that gate, because they have it setup to do so. Now that you have this non-hostile tag (akin to being a On-Leave player in SW.G) you can't be attacked by players unless you commit some sort of crime. Now you are free to join up and do missions from their terminals. Use their market units without fear of being murdered. etc. By allowing players guild to use this variable that could be adjusted by region, or TU, and thus creating the allusion of Security Ratings throughout player empires. (Stargate) <Any Player> <action (use)> <requirement> <reputation> <greater than or equal to (+-0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)> A major benefit would be that Factions can organize the construction of the expensive stargates, and it grants access to a shared network. The bonus of a Faction, or a Nation / Empire running the networks over just independent guilds, is the comfort of knowing there is a standard and uniform central authority running the gate networks. Not just some pirate group running a gate that's free on one side, and then charges a toll to go back. ------ An idea for distributing guild tokens -Guilds be able to create a blanket tag for <Any Player> <Kill> <Target> <With> <Reputation> <Below> <Amount (+-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)> <Receives> <Item (Guild Token)> <By Mail> ------- It would be really nice to have some real information on just how guilds are going to be able to function. Do you intend to create a graphical user interface to easily manage the relations, hierarchy, legates, tags, and options of guilds. Will we really be able to use the tags and RDMS to create a guild that work akin to a Nation. Is it too early for NovaQuark to provide an Alpha example of the options in the RDMS, and if tags will be player made or chosen from a list of premade ones? Some of the things that are important to making these systems work, as I believe it, is to allow players to assemble all the building blocks themselves. Having no limit on the number of guilds and players in an organisation. And creating a mix of the RDMS and Tags that allows players to assemble virtually any link they can come up with. Before we players are able to finalize our ideas on what, might or might not be possible though. We need to know about those Tags. If you are going to create the list of tags then can a NQ post be made on the options players would like to see in the RDMS and Tags.
  3. I've been mulling this one over for a couple of days, and I really think we need to talk about a potentially controversial topic. I want you to understand that I mean no offense, and that I am fully cognizant of the sensitive nature of what I am about to propose. I simply see no alternative. You see, I'm worried about the Dickbutt. Not in any sort of moral or existential way, of course. I, too, can find humor in a classic meme. So, I should clarify: What I'm really worried about are Indestructible Dickbutts. Don't laugh, at least not yet. It's an entirely plausible exploit of the Novark force field. In fact, it even has an acronym to describe the phenomenon: TTP, or Time Till Penis. This is something that occurs in games that allow creative control and an ability to force potentially thousands of people to look at their penises creative endeavors. There is a certain subset of players that simply cannot help themselves. I defy you to deny it. Here's the rub. The crux of the matter is that all players will spawn at the same point, and that point is protected (rightfully so, IMHO) by a force field that prevents PVP. The goal of this force field is to allow both new players a safe spot to get their feet under themselves, and a place for those who simply want to build in peace, unmolested by griefers. The result of this force field may well be 20 kilometers (is that squared? I don't think it's been clarified.) of 60 meter tall penis sculptures that cannot be destroyed because we want an area for builders to be safe from griefing. Still laughing? I bet NQ isn't. This is an all-to-real scenario for a new player, logging in for the first time, two or three years after release...Dickbutts as far as the eye can see. "But wait," you say, "somebody might make BOOBS!" ...STFU, and pay attention, ya dingus, that's not the point! The point is there is going to have to be a mechanism to deal with prevent this, and I really only see two possibilities. The first is that the developers periodically comb the area of the Novark force field and delete the vulgar creations, which sounds really ham-handed and immersion-breaking. (Not to mention the fact that I would really need to have a heart-to-heart with myself if that was part of my job.) The second is that there is a player-driven mechanism to weed out the obvious trolls. Now doesn't that sounds nice? The cool thing is that there are two mechanics in place that could facilitate such a process, with a little help from Novaquark. The first is the territory control system, and the the second is the "tagging" system. https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2015/07/24/territory-control/ https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2015/05/21/rights-duties-management-system/ ...and then there is this magical third system, called Democracy, which we'll get to... The Idea is that NQ would sponsor a player council that would be democratically elected to be both a player advocacy group (a la, the "Council of Stellar Management" from Eve), and an in-game rule-making council of governance for the Novark force field protected area. It is this "Council of the Novark freeport" that would be responsible for the tagging system which would dictate who could build permanent structures within the protected zone. The council would either approve of a project, or approve of an architect, or neither, whatever was required/appropriate. This would allow for an aesthetic change in the player base over time by giving the players, as a whole, a chance to vote for their preferred aesthetic principles. Current councils would be endowed with the ability to mark for destruction any construct within the radius of the Novark force field, or something similar (perhaps subject to a player-wide referendum vote). The Pressure Release Valve in this system, as I see it, is the Dev's willingness to consider an in-game "VR" builder-mode. People could always have access to their own building mini-game for "blueprint" development. "Design your shit in a safe-zone, but build it elsewhere." Okay...I'm long-winded, sue me. I'm tired of my ideas...tell me yours! P.S. Like 'dis if you cry e'ry tyme...
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