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Found 3 results

  1. Not quite sure if it's implemented or planning to be implemented. After a very lengthy conversation with 1 or 2 discord moderators on "duscussion", I was suggested to come here and make my case. I hope the developers read and see this naturally, as it is intended for them. I understand you have a big game to make, a lot of issues and players to address but please hear me out. From what I hear and see, I'm already beginning to love the idea of your game. All the little things matter, and can make all the difference in the world, especially when it comes to a game. Now, judging
  2. I was wondering what the community thinks as well as I'd NQ has decided if cloaking will be an option in the future. Obviously it will need to be balanced so, for example, someone can't cloak a 1,000 mile long ship and vessels too small won't be able to cloak. This can be accomplished by either power restrictions, area of effect if a bubble like system is in place, minimum and maximum mass requirements, or something which would not allow the element to work on ships too small or too large. This cloak should also have drawbacks such as disabling and/or affecting elemen
  3. I think stealth would be cool in a game like this and i have a few ideas about it. Identity theft: It would be cool to disguise yourself as somebody else. Explame: I kill a guy then i scan his corpse and by some technology i change my apprearance to match his. Stealth: i think an invisibility suit or something would be great. Plastic Surgery: it would be useful if you are wanted in a faction. of course this has to be expensive
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