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Found 2 results

  1. This is a proposal to make docking at space constructs easier and less time consuming / dangerous. Suggestion: create a docking tether module that can be deployed on a space construct that will 'grab' any authorized, unpiloted construct within a certain radius (configurable, or based on size?) and give some visual queue that the construct is tethered. The construct should still be maneuverable while tethered, but will not stray from the station. A pilot should be able to manually engage the tether while piloting the craft, or receive a que that they are in range and free to release control of the construct. The tether could also govern the maximum speed of a construct in tether range. An unpiloted, tethered construct should rapidly come to rest in relation to the tether module when it becomes unpiloted or the maneuver tool is disengaged. It should not be possible to maneuver a construct out of tether range once the tether is engaged. Future enhancement: the tether module could also in the future serve as a valet point, where a player could approach and choose to 'park' their construct. The module would remove the construct from view until the player re-approached the module and claimed the construct. This action could automatically activate the player's maneuver tool, restore the construct and allow the player to place their ship within the tether range. The player would then be free to place the construct, board and be on their way.
  2. Hello everyone, I have this project of creating some kind of spaceports/malls/meeting points in DU. The first one would obviously be on Alioth. The first version will just have some basic stuff, like a public res node and a taxi station, but hopefully it will grow to something bigger. The way I see it, multiple orgs could join and do business in one place, like in a mall or an IRL airport. For players willing to join, I'm creating an org : https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-alioth-omniport-project , I'll put more info in this if I'm not the only one interested in this. For organizations willing to collaborate in any way (taxi, cargo, advertisement, etc.) please leave a message.
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