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Found 4 results

  1. So i have had even more time doing Voxelmancy, and building ships. Here is the rundown in some detail. SHIP 1 - NAME : SCARAB so i made a M core hauler, version one, giant Hexagon with 10 L containers, Anti Gravity, Lua scripts, had 120 Airbrakes L, 120 Retro rockets L, 30 Basic Atmos L , 2 XL Space Engines, 4 L ATMOS tanks, 4 L space tanks, 30 Large Vertical thusters. it could haul 3.5 Kilo Tons, and fully loaded weight was 7 KT. but it could fly, but it was like a ugly brick, with a massive cross section. flying it loaded or unloaded was annoying. VERSION 2 - height of one large container, Width of 1 large container: CROSS SECTION REDUCTION SUCESS. SCARAB 2.0 - had 2 large containers, 50 Large Airbrakes, 40 Retro Rockets Large, 6 large engines, 2 large stabilizers, 2 large space engines, 6 large Vertical thrusters, 2 M fuel tanks atmos, and 1 Large space tank WARP DRIVE. could not even break atmosphere LOADED, had to increase to 10 Large engines making it less eye appealing. But loaded or unloaded due to the VERY SMALL cross section, it flew like a FIGHTER JET. could do a full 180 degree turn, dead stop from 3000kmph, in half a hex, and fly in the opposite direction. flew so fast in atmosphere speeds of up to 1400 kmph would have to slow down not to burn up just flying regular. FLYS AMAZING HAULS FULLY LOADED HEMATITE, STOPS ON A DIME, but needs more than 2 containers. banks, pitches and yaws, like a FIGHTER JET....best ship i ever set foot in to date. AND SEVERAL HAPPY CUSTOMERS WITH THIS VERSION.... VERSION 3 - not built but drawn up and getting ready for build. will now design around engines height and width. keeping to same delta wing voxelmancy shape. to ensure a sleeker look. will increase cross section by double or 2 large containers length on its X axis, and Height by half a L container. SHIP 2 - PALADIN - FLYS GREAT - still did not design around engines so her butt is fat... looks like a 1950s space rocket, meets modern space ship, meets WARHAMMER. lots of glow light show... wish i t would let me upload a pic but file to big. 18 large engins, Anti Gravity, not lua scripted yet, cross section goes fully across Medium core, but less than half the height.... 8 Large containers. breaks for day, retros for day, but well hidden in the voxels, Medium, and small wings for that 1950s feel and shape. nice delta curves, and engine bays, hours spent designing. ALREADY HAVE A BUYER FOR 75 MILLION to TOKENIZE it- if interested Blueprints are 15 million, will be setting up a dispenser at market 16. BUT WHAT I HAVE LEARNED is that NQ needs to maybe make it where you can set the construct to PvE, so that you can then stack elements, but only 2 at a time, to sleek up ships. since increasing power, and other things can be abused. that way if 20 engines are needed to ensure the ship can fly fully loaded. then you can stack them in the space of 10 engines. ( there is a way to glitch elements into each other, but i do not know how to do it, but i have already seen it, on ships parked at ZENITH, and BLACK SUN. not owned by either or the corps, maybe memebers, maybe just people who left their ships there not sure, dont care? but i sure want to know how to do it...LOL SO HOW SHOULD YOU DESIGN - as a beginner. 1 LARGE CONTAINER FULL OF HEMATITE 4 large engines, 4 large Vertical thrusters, or Hover pads, 10 MINIUM Large Air breaks, 10 MINIMUM Large Retro rockets, and 8 Medium Ailerons 16 large adjustors. < with no piolet skills this will Leave atmosphere loaded with HEMATITE, fly in space, hover nicely, will stop on command, will land very softly. WITH LV 3 skills, 2 Large Engins, 2 Large Vertical thrusters or hovers, 6 Medium Ailerons, 8 Large adjustors....and JUST KEEP THE BREAKS WHERE THEY ARE...BREAKS ARE YOUR FRIEND...never can have enough BREAKS... HOW MANY BREAKS TO USE? YES.... SKILLS NEEDED to improve Vertical Thrust skills, hover skills Aileron skills Container Skills - reduces weight and increases hold size. Engine Skills Space Skills Ajustor Skills FULE TANKS SKILL WONT KILL YOU, to again increase efficiency, reduce weight, and increase capacity of tank. all these can be found under PIOLT SKILLS with the EXCEPTION of the CONTAINER SKILLS. BEST VOXELS to use for ships CARBON - anything lowest weight. 22 kg per vox. PLASTIC - 27.63 kg per vox ALUMINIUM - 27 kg per vox CARBON FIBER. 27 kg per vox to help reduce voxel weight, you can use glass as a filler, at it has a 162 kg weight difference from the same space taken from voxels. < VERY WEAK ELEMENT drop ship to hard, breaks, fart wrong breaks. advantage in PvP you can walk on it, and not fall though all the holes in your voxels. after your ship is blow to pieces. WARNING If you see a really pretty ship, and you are just drooling over it, look at it, how many containers, versus how many engines, adjustors, wings and ailerons, IS THE SHIP PRETTY, AND CAN HAUL FULLY LOADED, or IS THE SHIP JUST PRETTY...but the first time you fill her to max capacity, will she slap into the ground and cost you everything in repair bills.. Market 16 right now has 2 ships that are VERY PRETTY nicely done voxels...well layed out, all kinds of beauty.... but even with LVL 5 pilot skills, will FLY LIKE A TURD SHAPED LIKE A BRICK... has 6 large engins for 8 Large containers...2 large space engines...below minimum breaks, air and retro, below min adjustors, and wings, and ailerons....so buy it, and beware....looks great, but that things is not going to fly for crap when loaded. it might fly fine at 40% or less load. but at that point it is wasting weight on container space you cant use. well you can use, but end up wrecking the ship becasue you did.
  2. At the moment all the big ships come out as big squares, i personally want to build a long ship. So i suggest to enable us to choose a long format when deploying a core, so we can build longer ships that are not so square. It would also be nice if we could move the core to the side of the square instead of sitting the middle, this will enable other types of ship builds such as a cockpit in the back with the front part splitting in two.
  3. Similar scifi sandbox games suffer from a ship-building flaw where players have an inventive to include no interior spaces in their ships. (edited for spelling) Space Engineers, Starmade, Emperion all have a problem where even with big spaceships, players are rewarded by densely packing the ship with systems and armor and creating no interior spaces for players and decorations. Starmade is working on an overhaul for their power systems to solve this issue and I have a different idea for how to encourage players to build large ships that feel large, but have interior space. Heatsinks. Now I'm not saying that the power units for ships should create dangerous heat-areas that hurt players, however a system in which Reactors require space to dissipate heat creates opportunities for balance and build decisions. I will define some terms here so that it makes sense. Reactor: I'm referring to power units here. Different sizes of reactors would have different Heat-Outputs and different Heat-Dissipation threshholds. If you can get your heat dissipation above the threshhold for the reactor, it will operate at its highest efficiency. If the heat dissipation is below the threshhold, it would output way less power per fuel consumption. A steep decrease in heat dissipation (from the heatsink being severed or destroyed) could overload the power block, creating an outage or explosion. Bigger Reactors would have a higher Heat-Output and a much higher Heat-dissipation threshhold. Smaller reactors would have small heat-output and a much smaller heat-dissipation threshhold, and the smallest would require no heat dissipation whatsoever. Heatsink: I'm referring to the physical element or voxels that need to be placed adjacent to the Reactor to dissipate heat. This could be elements that can be inter-connected and chained together, or a conductive polymer that are palced and formed just like voxels (as an element would probably be the simplest to implement). When you connect a Heatsink to a Reactor, it projects a heat-dissipation field around it (1 meter on all sides when connected to a small reactor). This heat dissipation field's volume is what you need to reach the heat dissipation threshhold of your reactor, big threshhold means more of your ship's volume must be built to dissipate heat. This field wouldn't hurt the player, but any other elements placed within this field (thrusters, weapons, shield generators) would receive a massive performance drop. This allows you to turn space built for heat dissipation into interior spaces, since you don't want to place functional elements there. Larger reactors need much more heat dissipation, which will encourage players designing large ships even for combat to create interior spaces that could be decorated to look like living quarters, an engineering bay, or any other interior space. In addition, Large reactors would have a much higher Heat-Output. Heat-Output: is a property of reactors that determines how large of a heat dissipation field a heat sink will project. If you attack a 5 meter long heatsink rod to a small reactor, it would project a 1 meter wide heat dissipation field around it. Connecting the same heat sink rod to a much larger reactor would project a 5 or even 10 meter wide heat dissipation field around it, which will allow you to create a large heat dissipation area without packing the interior of your ship with "more" heatsinks. "cant you just have your heatsinks protruding out of your ship so that the ship denser and more efficient?" Good question, and the answer to that should be absolutely yes. This is why I feel the system would create some neat balance decisions. A builder could absolutely design their heatsinks so that they all protrude from the ship, projecting their heat-dissipation area into empty space so that it doesn't interfere with their functional ship elements. That choice would also create a vulnerability, as they could easily be damaged or destroyed during combat leading to a reactor outage or explosion (that's where that steep drop in heat dissipation would come from). A clever ship builder could even have their heatsinks recessed in their ship (where they might interfere with systems at full power), but use a track or roter to push the heatsinks outside of their ship when they need the most power, or if they need to turn on a 2nd bigger reactor (which would increase their heat-output, and make the heat dissipation area around the heatsinks much much bigger). Thoughts?
  4. Sorry if this was mentioned already, I could not find it Also plz excuse my bad english I wonder how complicated building is aimed for. From trailer it seems as pretty much better starmade - as easy as possible Just place ftat platform cocpit in front,reactor behind it , a bit armor aroud it , thruster in every direction - 2 forvard and upward and u have basic ship.Maybe you add a small space for cargo. For me it just seems a little too shoddy - I´m not saying(writing) that it should be hardcore and would have to sit hours planning it, but when u pile up few componets and hope it will fly - it should not ​ ​For example having to connect things that require energy with wires/cables/other physical means would (i hope) mean that though u still could build ship simly by placing componets on platform and connecting it through the armor ​It would also allow a critical hits (for example you get lucky and hit a cable that is powering a imporant omponet - like a weapon or thruster -- and though the (probably expensive and well armored or higher HP) component would not be destroyed it would be offline(not fuction) ). ​More thought out ships would have less weak points , but they would take more time(or/and experience) to invent. And how could you destroy a deathstar without weakpoint??
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