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Found 4 results

  1. So i have had even more time doing Voxelmancy, and building ships. Here is the rundown in some detail. SHIP 1 - NAME : SCARAB so i made a M core hauler, version one, giant Hexagon with 10 L containers, Anti Gravity, Lua scripts, had 120 Airbrakes L, 120 Retro rockets L, 30 Basic Atmos L , 2 XL Space Engines, 4 L ATMOS tanks, 4 L space tanks, 30 Large Vertical thusters. it could haul 3.5 Kilo Tons, and fully loaded weight was 7 KT. but it could fly, but it was like a ugly brick, with a massive cross section. flying it loaded or unloaded was annoying. VERSION 2
  2. At the moment all the big ships come out as big squares, i personally want to build a long ship. So i suggest to enable us to choose a long format when deploying a core, so we can build longer ships that are not so square. It would also be nice if we could move the core to the side of the square instead of sitting the middle, this will enable other types of ship builds such as a cockpit in the back with the front part splitting in two.
  3. Similar scifi sandbox games suffer from a ship-building flaw where players have an inventive to include no interior spaces in their ships. (edited for spelling) Space Engineers, Starmade, Emperion all have a problem where even with big spaceships, players are rewarded by densely packing the ship with systems and armor and creating no interior spaces for players and decorations. Starmade is working on an overhaul for their power systems to solve this issue and I have a different idea for how to encourage players to build large ships that feel large, but have interior space. Heatsinks. Now
  4. Sorry if this was mentioned already, I could not find it Also plz excuse my bad english I wonder how complicated building is aimed for. From trailer it seems as pretty much better starmade - as easy as possible Just place ftat platform cocpit in front,reactor behind it , a bit armor aroud it , thruster in every direction - 2 forvard and upward and u have basic ship.Maybe you add a small space for cargo. For me it just seems a little too shoddy - I´m not saying(writing) that it should be hardcore and would have to sit hours planning it, but when u pile up few componets and hope it will
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