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Found 3 results

  1. According to NQ the only way you are going to be able scavenge constructs is to purchase the tile with the wreck (so that's a 500k hole to fill) and then wait two weeks for the owner of the construct to get it. Apparently this will protect those players without the forethought to land their craft on safe turf and, effectively, reduce player responsibility for a microscopic percentage of players who may be absent for two weeks on short notice. While I'm closer to the free for all approach, (if you've not interacted with a construct on an unclaimed tile (or my tile without a prior agreement) for a week it' should be fair game), I'd be happy with the burden of payment being on the construct owner. A kind of insurance payment of 100k - 1m q (based on core size) lasting a month that prevent the construct being scavenged (in game indicated by a green bubble) while insured. This will open up some much needed gameplay, though I agree with the Ytuber that's it's just making money for money's sake, as are nearly all DU activities.
  2. Hey everybody! This post is about the sad state of the "Scavenging" "Profession" in DU currently - resulting from the gimped status of salvaging gameplay. Even though not documented, salvaging gameplay changed drastically in the last few days/couple weeks. While we, the players exploring and salvaging crashed ships and left alone static cores, were able to make somewhat of a living from exploring and salvaging until about a couple weeks ago, now, with the undocumented and unannounced changes to salvaging gameplay, we are no longer able to sustain this lifestyle. Previously, when a gold digger on Lacobus overloaded their ship and crashed back down on the planet trying to make their way out of the atmosphere, we were able to benefit from that. We were able to find, locate and salvage the ship as well as reap in the rewards. Now though, there is neither a risk for ignorant players overloading their ships or carelessly flying and crashing into everything anymore. We cannot claim cores anymore that were destroyed (only in the sad, completely avoidable, tiny bit of pvp space we have left) - only cores that were abandoned by the owner by intention. Here's the story unfolding pieced together from the DU Discord (just search for salvaging and get an impression of the confusion and frustration due to these unannounced and undocumented changes) : Scavenging used to be a viable way of living. And a nice way to combine flying, exploring and making some money to pay for the fuel and upkeep. We are now forced into digging in mines underground instead of flying about and exploring this world you created for us to explore and conquer. I'd like to end this post with a proposal and at the same time ask for feedback from the fellow DU player base: Constructs which core get destroyed should be salvageable by anybody in general (on planets/moons and in space) - with the only exceptions being: On Sanctuary - cause it's the "safe zone" by definition and a place were no bad things should ever happen to you Within the wider "safe zone" (as announced by JC in recent interviews) - namely Alioth, Thades and Madis - but only on market tiles or your own/your org tiles - your destroyed construct should be salvageable by anybody on tiles of others (not yours or your orgs) and unclaimed tiles There should be no need for the owner to abandon a destroyed core/construct in order to make it salvageable by others taking above proposal into account. This mechanic takes scavenging/salvaging out of the game as a "profession". It takes the primarily reason to play the game away from me and a whole lot of others. "Please fix" - as they say.... Best regards - former scavenger, Bobbylord
  3. As pointed out by NQ-Naunet in I'm posting this suggestion/idea here in the Idea Box section: When a player crashes their ship in a way so that the core gets destroyed (essentially any core that gets destroyed in any way), said ship (construct) should be salvageable by any other player anywhere in the universe (all planets, moons and in space). With the _exceptions_ being: - On Sanctuary (and sanctuary like moons added in the future) - cause it's the "safe zone" by definition and a place were no bad things should ever happen to you - Within the wider "safe zone" (as announced by JC in recent interviews - obviously also on "safe planets/zones" in solar systems/galaxies/universes added in the future) - namely Alioth, Thades and Madis - nowhere but on tiles owned by someone else (another player or an org you are not a member of) and which are not owned by NQ/Aphelia (markets and such) Requiring players to "abandon" a destroyed construct/core manually is not emergent gameplay and should not be required for constructs with destroyed cores in order to make them salvagable. Bobbylord on behalf of the hopeful Scavengers Community
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