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Found 3 results

  1. English (Translator used) Actually, this TOPIC only affects players who speak the German language. I had the first POST translated into English to show the other one that there is no secret here. I hope that everyone who does not speak German understands that we will only talk in German here. Thanks. Hi Guys, It is about "Sammelbecken". I have kontakt some of you (in which I assume they speak German) in the Comunity portal. Unfortunately, I received very few feedbacks. Since the transmission protocol does not show whether the message was read (a TOPIC "Comunity Forum read-flag" I had opened and it was already clarified by NQ), I would like you to ask me here in the forum briefly indicate if you have no interresse (Ideal with justification) or you did not reach the request. Thank you. German (orginal) Hallo Leute, es geht um "Sammelbecken". Ich habe ein paar von euch (bei denen ich annehme das sie deutsch sprechen) im Comunity-Portal angeschrieben. Leider habe ich nur wenige Rückmeldungen erhalten. Da im Sendeprotokoll nicht ersichtlich ist ob die Nachricht gelesen wurde (ein TOPIC "Comunity-Forum read-flag" hatte ich eröffnet und es wurde von NQ auch schon geklärt), möchte ich euch bitten mir hier im Forum kurz anzuzeigen ob ihr kein Interresse habt (idealerweise mit Begründung) oder euch die Anfrage nicht erreicht hat. Danke. mfG Die Waldfee
  2. 0/ I've followed the instructions provided by the Discord bot to the best of my ability, but have been waiting days for a moderator to approve my Status/Activity post containing my unique Discord URI, token, etc. Any ideas?
  3. Company registration Novark Dear inhabitants of Novark, beings of the wide universe and beyond, here you are free to present your company, small trade or similar. This registry is to become the first point of contact for all companies. Serving the economy, the company registry ____________________________________________________________________________ Comments: This thread is intended to introduce individual companies, i. e. companies run by individual players or smaller groups of players. No matter which organization or faction they belong to. Seen that way, a land register for the whole of Novark. Please use one post for a company and indicate in advance which direction you would like to take with your company. Here are a few categories (terms you can use - so other players can find your company using the search): food-production logistics manufacturing-industry construction-sector real-estate-agents Distribution/sales hotel-trade mining biotechnology Chemical-substances administrations Disposal/recycling Energy-supply/economy tuition (school or same) Finance/Insurance Healthcare (including social services) Arts/Entertainment Planetary (nature, terraforming and similar) Security Maintenance Important : Use the terms exactly as indicated (without brackets) , because not everyone can set tags for his post within a thread. Otherwise, your mail may not be displayed if another player is looking for it. (If you think there are still categories missing, write me a PN. Thank you very much.) Feedbackthread :
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