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Found 3 results

  1. Hey folks! What's up? It's been a while Well, today I finally got my Ayaneo Geek delivered, a handheld very similar to the Steam Deck, but slightly more powerful and running Windows 11 natively, and as a first test, I decided to see how DU would run on it (obviously not expecting much): Zero issues with EAC or anything like that, since it's running fully natively. The only "different" thing I had to do was plug a keyboard into the USB-C port so I could type things faster and move around, since I couldn't get the joysticks to work. It's ridiculously laggy though, I couldn't measure it but I'll bet somewhere around 10 fps or so at 22W (I think I can get it up to almost twice that on charger, haven't tried though). Anyways, kudos to the DU development team, even though we all know the game is quite heavy, just the fact it somewhat runs on such small device already shows how much optimization happens behind the scenes. Well, that's mostly it! Now back to my small hideout, see you around someday!
  2. Hey all! I recently subscribed and started playing the game. But the game has been almost un-playable for me due to the low FPS (5-15 FPS) When at the hub my FPS sits around 5-10 FPS. With a lot of the time bringing me down to 1-3 FPS. While getting 15-25 FPS when out in the wild. I have all settings set to low and even changed it from auto to manual and bringing my graphics down to 1. Here is my specs. I7-4770 GTX 1080 16GB DDR3 Game is running on an SSD with 100GB free left on the SSD. I see a lot of other people are having issues too, but a lot of people are doing fine. For example my friend with the same rig, but with a 1060 is always sitting at around 25 FPS at the hub and 60 FPS in the wild.
  3. This is something common in regular multiplayer games but I feel in a game with crafting, it can become somewhat of an issue. What I'm suggesting is to not make a 'best version' of anything. What I mean is, since most items will be craftable, don't make there be that one greatest version that everyone aspires for. A standard model for crafting games is starting with the lowest tier, with each upgrade above that increasing all of it's stats, to the point where at some point you get the ultimate form of that item. You hear it all the times in games; people say they have "max everything". Whether it be full diamond armor and tool set, a 48 slot ship, or the 'black hole gun', they go for it as an end goal and once they reach it, they have nothing left to do. I think it is important for a game like this to avoid that, and to do so I suggest everything has at least two different stats which are somewhat inversely proportional to each other. This is of course not a new idea; racing games see cars with fast speed and bad handling (and vice versa), multiplayer games have different weapons that all have varying amounts of different stats, but none that stands out as better than the other. It's just preference and application. And this by no means is a suggestion only for weapons! They're just a good example. I am suggesting this for all types of objects and items; mining equipment, scanners and communication equipment, ore refining equipment, engines, reactors, etc. All of these objects, if given even just two stats that cannot simultaneously be maxed out, ensures that there will always be diversification and a rich economy. What this does is: 1) Take away an end-game goal for people. Many might aim for the top-tier items and, upon obtaining those, be at a loss for what to do next and grow bored. 2) Add growth and variety to the economy. This is what we don't want, and I can see it now... "Max stats" a search term in the ship store, and the most popular ships and structures (the only ones people are interested in) are those that contain the top-tier of everything. 3) Add strategy to factions of any and every size and skill level. No faction can ever reach the point of being as good as they can be, because there are always different ways to use different items. 4) Basically, ensure that no one can ever be the best. (Sorry Ash) I think it is important, if it is agreed upon, that this become implemented at the beginning of the games life. Because if it is not, it might get very difficult to implement later on. What are some thoughts of yours?
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