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Found 2 results

  1. First: This is a non-NDA discussion, so please do not reference anything in-game. Anything we say about the game needs to come from publicly published sources. Now, people seem to want to attack my efforts to recruit for my org because they don't like my views on PVP. Let me say, You don't understand my view on PVP and IMO, you don't even know what PVP is. Most of the time when we're talking about PVP, we're talking about PVP combat. There is also PVP non-combat. I played Entropia for a few years (and still have investments there). In that game PVP combat is limited to space and a few geographical areas on the ground of some planets and small arenas (I think only two planets have PVP combat at all); however, everything in the game is PVP. The whole point of the game is to take RL money from other players. That's the only way to win the game. If you don't do that, the game costs about $5 an hour to play unless you're sitting around doing nothing. If you rode on my interplanetary taxi service, you paid me between 80 cents and a dollar per leg and that money came out of someone's RL pocket. With my investments there now, if you go mining or hunting on a certain moon, you are paying me RL money for use of the land (About enough to play for an hour once a year, but it's still RL money). That is also PVP. What is not PVP, IMO is beating up players who, for good game reasons, are not prepared to defend themselves. This is no more PVP than beating up an old man or a child on the street is boxing. It is this last point that leads me to the conclusion that open world PVP (combat and non-combat) doesn't work as game-play unless there is no other play in the game. If there is other play, people who are conducting that play will probably not be prepared for PVP. In some cases, the game-play itself will prevent them being prepared. The best example of this in DU is behind the NDA, but as a general example, a miner may be necessarily unarmed or too lightly armed to matter. I don't see that shooting him is PVP - just bullying. Even if we accept by definition that it is, why do you think it's fun? I do think that players who find this fun have a mental illness issue and should seek help. Such players need to actually hurt someone to have fun. OTOH, it's fun to shoot NPCs like that - that's only slightly different from shooting targets and the NPCs are in the game for that purpose... the guy who's mining is not in the game for that purpose and you are actually hurting him.
  2. Good piece with no immediate surprising news but definitely some interesting stuff 'between the lines'.. Nice read! https://medium.com/@jcbaillie/the-oasis-from-ready-player-one-will-soon-be-a-reality-870121af659e
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