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Found 2 results

  1. Hello internet, I was working on uploading the new images/logos for my companies, but it does not seem to be working. Anyone know a possible reason that could be, or if they are having the same problem? (The corp still shows up when I search it, so I am pretty sure it has not been deleted) -Caesares
  2. Introducing here an idea about a multipurpose touchable MENU for diferent LUA interactions with other Elements It could be created with different sizes, from ipad size to giant screens, and have a specific graphic interface proper to DU Have a body seperate into 3 parts: - Top: Title of the screen menu / sub menu - Middle: Configurable buttons - Bottom: Description of the curent menu / or descirption of the highlighted button Each part could be scriptable and splited into lists of strings in the LUA First menu could give direct informations or actions, or lead to a submenu Each button pression would send a string that will be filtered and sent to whatever element it is linked to For a concrete example, from the very last published video with the flying plateforms: The tactile screen could replace a cockpit and have a buttons action menu look like so: PLATEFORM MOVEMENT CONTROL | FOWARD | | UP | | ROTATE RIGHT | | LEFT | | STOP / START | | RIGHT | | BACKWARD | | DOWN | | ROTATE LEFT | DESC: blablabla this is the control panel for your moving plateform It could replace and make interactive the chat commands And allow creations and configuration of very simple Operating Systems Below is an example from SL UI floating scriptable menu: So this one could be made as a physical touchable screen menu in DU Uses of a configurable menu will be extremly wide From home personal automation menu (switch lights on/off, lock doors on/off etc...), passing by the touchable password screen menu, to a whole ship operating system I hope i was clear and i gave some ideas
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