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Found 4 results

  1. Anybody thought about the idea of have a bubble shield around a base or settlement? Clearly this could broken if attacked hard enough but something basic to protect whatever is inside. Only authorised people could be allowed in etc. My thought would be to have a semi-safe zone for areas that aren’t aligned to an organisation and are meant for entertainment/social instead of PvP or resource mining.
  2. How can a territory be obtained from another faction? Well, two main thoughts come to mind: -Peacefully Obtained through trade (land for land, land for resources, land for money) -Forceful conquest This post is to discuss how players can take territories by force Capturing territory from another faction should be no easy task, automated defenses and player defenses will be present in larger, more desirable territories. But capturing someone's land should not be impossibly hard either. It should cost more resources to launch a successful offensive than maintain a defensive line. My idea would be to set up a web of command posts or capturable locations in a large territory hex. You, as an invader, must capture all of these secured points to be able to claim the territory. This is an example of zones within a hex territory. An invading group would have to overpower zones A through F, or a majority of the zones before they are allowed to capture the master command post represented as G. This makes invading factions form attack plans to capture the outer command posts before they can take a central power, and requires invading factions to scout out where a command post lies within each zone they are planning to capture. It also requires a heavy amount of scouting to find out which zones invaders should attack based on defenses and guards. Not all territory hex's should operate like this, but the Capital hex territory, or main command point for all the other hexes. The Capital hex should be the first territory you claim in that area, and should be able to be moved to other hex territories you claim later on in the same hex cluster (connected hexes) Please post your opinion about this and your ideas!
  3. So first of all i am very excited about this game, it almost sounds like a dream game to me in that the way this game is going to work. Now i apologise before if i have missed something that is like this already if its been mentioned. My question / Idea is that once say a Democracy/Dictatorship/Company say takes ownership of an area will there be a system in place to sell parts of this area to your population; basically how it works in real life. Examples: Resident: I am new to the Population and i would like to buy a place to live / store items and such. I look about knowing i do not have much money so i look for a low cost place like a player made high rise apartment complex I then look at my map menu system which indicates there is an apartment for sale at just the right price so i go ahead and buy it! A renting option could also be in place as well if the player knows he is not going to be here for long but needs a place to use for a while. Commercial: A business is growing from another colony and wants to spread its wings into another colony's area to try and gain more profit and publicity. One of the head members goes to this new colony to see if there is any warehouses or land to purchase or lease to start up shop. They have a choice either they can lease out a warehouse in the industrial district which is lower risk as the have less investment but the warehouse is not the size they were really looking, or they can take a bigger risk and buy out a plot of land and make the warehouse from scratch which would allow them to make the warehouse more fitting to what they need. I am aware that in the Organisation Dev blog section there was roles that members could be assigned to, being able to do certain things in certain areas and so i thought it would be great if there was a system like i suggested above as i really feel it will really help deepen the economy and organisation system that is going to be in place.
  4. So I was contemplating player housing in other MMOs. Most other games that include housing have them instanced in other private worlds. The only exception I can think of is the recently released ArcheAge. Honestly, that open-world land plot system was a nightmare, having only resulted in a massive land grab. There's virtually no more land to be owned. But if DU were to maintain its single-shard concept with an open plot based housing/land ownership system, it is very likely that the same scenario could happen. Possible solutions: Build vertically: takes up less surface area Multiple person buildings: hotels, apartments, condominiums, etc. Space plots: A small island in space, apart from the main planets. Or asteroid settlement. Mortgage loans or rent Fluctuating real estate economy: More densely populated areas have higher land costs. There should also be a limit on the area that can be converted to housing as we don't want entire planets full of little space huts. Any other thoughts, suggestions?
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