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  1. Thanks for the welcome I suppose what they could do to push for people to at least use their house or apartment is sleeping in, now when I mean sleep what is actually happening is the player is logging off. With this means your character is still on the sever, he hasn't just disappeared out of thin air. This will naturally make players want to make a house or something like that so their bodies are safe. As they are suggesting a skill system maybe you can make it where because they are in a comfortable place when sleeping they get a type of skill multiplier system to promote a healthy living style for the character. With this also pushes quite an exciting point as well if your deep in space with a very small crew you will need a living quarter, another issue would be protection so you would at least need a small ai script to control turrets when your the real parts of life make players more drawn to doing familiar thing in the real world so I think that is how the devs can easily morph the players to making great democracies and such.
  2. So first of all i am very excited about this game, it almost sounds like a dream game to me in that the way this game is going to work. Now i apologise before if i have missed something that is like this already if its been mentioned. My question / Idea is that once say a Democracy/Dictatorship/Company say takes ownership of an area will there be a system in place to sell parts of this area to your population; basically how it works in real life. Examples: Resident: I am new to the Population and i would like to buy a place to live / store items and such. I look about knowing i do not have much money so i look for a low cost place like a player made high rise apartment complex I then look at my map menu system which indicates there is an apartment for sale at just the right price so i go ahead and buy it! A renting option could also be in place as well if the player knows he is not going to be here for long but needs a place to use for a while. Commercial: A business is growing from another colony and wants to spread its wings into another colony's area to try and gain more profit and publicity. One of the head members goes to this new colony to see if there is any warehouses or land to purchase or lease to start up shop. They have a choice either they can lease out a warehouse in the industrial district which is lower risk as the have less investment but the warehouse is not the size they were really looking, or they can take a bigger risk and buy out a plot of land and make the warehouse from scratch which would allow them to make the warehouse more fitting to what they need. I am aware that in the Organisation Dev blog section there was roles that members could be assigned to, being able to do certain things in certain areas and so i thought it would be great if there was a system like i suggested above as i really feel it will really help deepen the economy and organisation system that is going to be in place.
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