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Found 2 results

  1. DUber is a fairly new Dual Universe org that is focused on all forms of transportation. We welcome all play styles but have an imitate need for the following: Architects Cargo & Transport Pilots Industrialist Managers Miners Scripters Security Ship Builders Freelance positions also available for most roles! We are also looking for organizations who would like to affiliate with us! If you would like to know more join our Discord here.
  2. I was thinking today that there could be two options to haul materials in Dual Universe. The Cargo Hold This option would be a conventional room simply meant for storing raw materials, manufactured parts, food, people, ammunition, or just about any other conceivable thing. Pros -Incredibly cheap to build -Very durable -Can haul ANYTHING Cons -Not nearly as much storage space as a ship size Kadpak -Requires a relatively large amount of room The Ship-Size Kadpak (Name subject to change) This option would be a scaled up version of what every player has on their back. Essentially it will allow for storage of massive amounts of raw materials in a very small space. This means it would be quite ideal for miners and certain cargo vessels. Pros -Can haul many times more raw materials per volume than a Cargo hold. -Doesn't require near the amount of space as a cargo hold. Cons -Is much more expensive to build than a cargo hold. -Can only hold raw materials. -Requires a steady flow of energy to maintain compressed matter. -If power is cut or it is badly damaged by a weapon the matter inside of it will rapidly become uncompressed causing catastrophic damage to the surrounding structure. I just thought this would be interesting as it would add more options for any spaceship engineers out there. Space pirates would also have to be a bit more careful with their work as rupturing a Ship Size Kadpak could mean the destruction of everything they are trying to steal. This would more than likely save lots of people from being totally annihilated as many pirates would rather hold people up and steal their stuff than just blow them up.
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