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  1. We have developed a method of touchless freight. We can sell/rent you a "Drop Box" that can be filled then docked on a ship. This eliminates the need to manifest the contents as well as prevent the possibility of thievery. We are currently working on a larger "Drop Box" concept that can be filled with large amounts of ore then lifted to 1000m so it can be docked on an AGG ship.
  2. DUber is now open for business! We are available for: Taxi - Cargo - Freight.
  3. DUber is a fairly new Dual Universe org that is focused on all forms of transportation. We welcome all play styles but have an imitate need for the following: Architects Cargo & Transport Pilots Industrialist Managers Miners Scripters Security Ship Builders Freelance positions also available for most roles! We are also looking for organizations who would like to affiliate with us! If you would like to know more join our Discord here.
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