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Found 3 results

  1. 3/14 or March 14 is Pi Day! (In Europe, 22 July, or 22/7, is Pi Approximation Day.) How many digits of Pi have you memorized? I have memorized 11 digits of pi in Base-Ten: 3.1415926535. I believe that's enough precision to estimate the circumference of a sphere the size of Earth (give or take a few molecules).
  2. I was walking outside tonight and I found myself looking at a plane flying across the dark sky, I wondered where the stars were and when they would come out... Then I remembered Dual Universe and how Large objects can be seen from far away. After which, I began to wonder if Dual Universe would have a Day/ Night Cycle and if night time would showcase stars if you looked up. I, for one, would love to see this happen, if it hasn't already. Also, can lights be seen from far away as well?
  3. How long will a day (one complete revolution on its axis) be on any given planet? Just finished up a little bit of free roaming in burnout paradise and for those of you that have played the game before, it has an adjustable day/night cycle. With that in mind, another mechanic popped up. Per my recollection, the planets Mercury and Venus, the two closest planets to the sun have very short days while the planets further out have much, much longer days. Would we see something similar wherein some systems the planets closest to their star have a shorter day and those further back have longer ones or will everything be random?
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