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Found 2 results

  1. So lets say you are a leader a large organisation, you and your wise council members all sit around a table to listen to some public opinions how to improve the economy lets say(something important). And everything goes well but the third person to come in pretends in the beginning and then tries to murder you or one person in your council. What will you be able to do? Well most of you will just suggest shooting him and killing him but I wont. Well you should be able to but I suggest a prisoner mecanic. some stun and handcuff things that makes managing the evil person easier. Another example is if another player is cought stealing from your voult? come on, ti would make sence and it would be fun to be able to look people up in a cell for some time atleast... Having them there forever would lead to 1000 of players being looked up forever and then quiting the game :,D
  2. Imagine: A system where the community polices itself. Griefers? No problem. Put a bounty on their heads and they will see the error of their ways... Or will they? Some believe that a bounty system is a deterrent to prevent criminals from performing their nefarious deeds. But in some cases it has the opposite effect: it creates super-criminals. It may indeed lessen the number of minor criminals, but there are those that see their bounty as their degree of infamy, and by extension, how much they are "winning". The bigger the bounty the bigger the pirates ..erm... respect, after all. Trolls like to be fed and an advertised bounty board is great feed. Or is it? What do you believe a bounty hunting system should accomplish? Should it be a tool for justice? A way to show the world how badass a characters is? A way to legitimize PvP without declaring war? Further reading on bounty systems in the forums:
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