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Found 3 results

  1. Yesterday i stoped playing, no problems at all. Today i try to start the game and it crashes at any try. Deleting Buffer doesn't help. Any workarround known ? Edit: Seems to work if you wait before pressing play until the music plays
  2. I was flying from my claim to market 6 and the game crashed. I send the crash report then attempted to log back in. The game crashed trying to load. I restarted my PC and tried a few more times. Every time I load, it crashes. I can no longer log into my game and have no idea how to get back to playing. My assumption is my character is in a bad state, stuck flying and it crashes trying to load the position.
  3. Just wanted to tell the story of how I almost lost my ship because of lag. So I was flying around Alioth, doing some sightseeing - seeing what interesting creations other players have built. While maneuvering my ship near the market districts I encountered lag and my screen froze, as per usual. By the time I was able to control my ship I was heading toward the ground way too fast. I tried to pull up but I wasn't in time. I found myself looking at a loading screen and the notification that I died and the core unit of my ship was destroyed. I respawned in my base about 20 km from the crash site. I figured I could find some way to salvage my ship, but I had doubts (I had come back from a long hiatus.) I decided to move by foot to the crash site to investigate my ship. After a 20 km run I saw that I could replace the core unit to make my construct like brand new. Also, Market 2 was only 2 km nearby so I could run there buy a replacement core. I did the necessary repairs and afterward breathed a sigh of relief. My ship escaped from the claws of oblivion yet again! tl;dr: Crashed my ship due to lag but was able to salvage and fix it after a bit of a detour, thankfully.
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