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Found 2 results

  1. One os the most important things when think of a new planet colony, is how to grow food and maintain sustainability. I'd like to suggest (or know if there's already) a system for planting and glow crops. Machines to automate the farms and different stats for different conditions. This food can be essential for maintain the players life and also modify ones stats making the character more health and powerful, or versatile. A food system could bring a lots of market possibilities, food recipes, etc etc .... so ... what you ppl think ?
  2. My friend and I where thinking when Dual Universe go's live maybe we would go to the other planets in the solar system as soon as we could even if its a long slow ride and also take a few friends . =) So the first thing we thought was at that early stages in the game we would probably have to convert a cargo style ship and carrier people and equipment to a new planet and set up a base of operations and later expand that base /out post into a city . Once our technology and skill get to a certain point my friend said he would try to just build a large colony ship that would have everything on it and the ship would just land on a planet and become a base / out post and I thought wow that's was a great idea! I remembered something about 3d printing homes and I told him wouldn't it be cool if we could build a ship large enough to 3d print bases and he laughed and said yea but I don't know if that will be possible but we could always give it a try. So I was playing around on some sketches wondering how a large ship with 3d base building might look ? I was listening to music and looking at YouTube : sigh dam some one beat me to it ! I guess I can still work on my version ?
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