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Found 8 results

  1. I've run into this issue once before where my game decides to kick me out for no reason saying "Server Error". After I log back in with no issues, Sometimes it breaks something I was either looking at like an assembly for instant saying a player is already using this element when clearly no one else is. I'm sure someone else has had this issue and I'm wondering if there's a way to fix it or just to let the DEV'S know this is a very annoying bug and that it needs to be fixed. I love playing this game and enjoy everything about it so far but I just want this issue to be known and dealt with quickly.
  2. Hi everyone, My launcher keeps crashing while downloading the game or any update. I start the launcher, the launcher starts downloading, and then just vanishes after a few seconds. I can progress the download by just repeatedly restarting the launcher after the crash. Anyone else having this issue? Or a fix for it? Thanks
  3. Issue: Construct destroyed upon entry Client Version: BETA 1 OCTOBER 2020 - 0.22.6 Summary Upon entering my construct fitted with a medium dynamic core, I was greeted with a loading screen. After load completed the info message displayed was that I had respawned due to my construct being destroyed. Reproduction Steps Enter Construct on the ground near District 4 Market landing platform. Actual Result Destruction of construct & death Expected Result Enter Construct Forum Posts None Notes Construct was parked and slightly clipped into the ground. Crash Dumps No crash upon bug Screenshots/Videos No screenshot available happened instantaneously. DxDiag.txt
  4. Hello, The horizontal fov is not calculed correctly in 16/10 resolutions. 1920x1080 : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ngilz4l17x47k33/Dual_2020-09-17_19-10-46.jpg?dl=0 1920x1200 : https://www.dropbox.com/s/2la9ft42g0vg2cg/Dual_2020-09-17_19-09-38.jpg?dl=0 Notice how the vertical fov is correct, you can see more content vertically on the 2nd screenshot, but less horizontally. It's clearly visible something is wrong by looking at the hotbar, the last icon is not on the same row. It looks like the screen space is "compressed" horizontally.
  5. Simply put. I have all materials, game does not recognise i have all materials. No production for me = no progression. I now have a game i invested money in that i can not continue with. This is not the only post of this nature, please sort. Over and out. Kind regards
  6. Hello, I'm think I encountered an production bug (k) but i'm not sure since I'm new. I tried producing some Tier 1 materials (see in pictures) but in the production list it always says something is missing (don't know what) even though on the left side it is showing that the required materials are all sufficient.
  7. So im having a terrible issue where the wing is not moving into the correct placement. it is as if there is a 1/8th of a voxel somehow bumping the wing out of position. so i am forced to place the wing in a position 1 click away from where it should be. i know the tricks for placing them on a flat surface and just clicking them over. i can place 100 wings correctly without issue but for some reason i have just 1 spot where i cannot. i tried building a new wing but no dice. the outline of the wing does not match the physical object. any help would be massive
  8. i came back after a long period of inactivity to find that all my orgs are completely gone, deleted. yet it still says on my profile that i am a legate of said 3 orgs. here is the link to one of the orgs since it no longer lets you in any other way: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/steel-imperium So you noticed the 404? well thats why im here. what happened?
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