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Found 2 results

  1. I understand that some of you are angry at NQ for the latest patch and other various shenanigans. In a way, I agree with you; i'm not picking any sides here. But this criticism has turned into toxicity. Some people believe that it is acceptable to pick apart and beat Novaquark with hate instead of calmly and kindly giving helpful advice on how to make the game improve. Some people believe whenever someone comments a different opinion about the 0.23 update it is their primary objective to thrash back and pour salt on them because 'no one can say nice things about the update'. Some people believe that since the game has turned out slightly different from what they expected they must alert and discourage everyone from playing the game because it is a 'scam*'. Some people believe that just because their experience is ruined they must ruin it for everyone else. And some people just jump on the salt bandwagon even if they have never set up an industry unit in their life. I will repeat what I just said. I am NOT saying that 0.23 was either a good or bad of an update. If you hate it, that's fine. But people like this are becoming a large excrement deposit on the Dual Universe community. You might have heard that recently a forum conversation got out of hand when an individual exposed a LinkedIn profile of an NQ employee. That is flat out unacceptable. If you are one of the people like this, instead of beating this game and its 50 employees down, just LEAVE. This game would be much better without people like you anyway. * I have watched the trailers many times now. in my disgustingly baist opinion it's not. (sacré bleu!) misleading? maybe slightly. But let's be honest here, for games that require player interaction, they all are. Take a look at the Starbase trailer for example. Just like Dual's trailer, they both include massive fight sequences, which take up half of the trailer runtime. Sure they are technically possible, but definitely aren't ever gonna happen apart from the rare few events and such. I know that I will get a wave of salt from this post, just like my previous ones. so please be civil. I won't be responding to any of the people that are hating for the sake of hating or people saying the game is bad without giving at least a bit of constructive criticism. If you feel so inclined, just shout at a wall instead.
  2. How about most planets will be barren/toxic/uninhabitable and you'd have to place biospheres, re-stabilize its magnetic force-field, and make transfer harmful materials? Lets say you landed on a harmful planet but full of materials. Your AI suggests that the soil is ready for growing planets and rich in nutrients. You place a biosphere and create a magnetic forcefield that blocks solarflares from damaging the plants inside. After you see that the planets are growing giantly, you call your alliance to suggest terraforming this planet. The alliance agrees and starts funding materials so the planet will be a giant "garden world". After a while, a rival alliance sees this planet and see show much you are benefitting from it, so they send a bunch of "dirty bombs" to "de-terraform" it. Plez, NQ. Moar Ideas: You just found a planet FULL of life, but all the plants/creatures are harmful to humans. You'd have to "de-terraform the planet, then re-terraform the planet". After being de-terraform, the planet loses stability after a few years without life. The planet becomes to unstable the planet basically implodes (because... that'd be cool). All constructs within about 1000km are heavily damaged. The resources will then recollect later to recreate the planet, albeit different.
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