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Found 3 results

  1. alexxl1995


    (please excuse the bad english , I'm french) Hi! After seeing the last Dev Diary, I thought this game needed a bit more types of thrusters, so here is my idea: Basically the typical thruster is something that push the spaceship around... But Thrust and Power shouldn't be the only attributes a thruster can have, because otherwise, the game will probably feel quite empty... So why not having for example -max thrust -energy cost -size (and all the usual stuff) -acceleration inertia (having a really reactive thruster can help in combat, or maybe when you try to hover a ship where you want fast reactivity to be able to deccelerate or to be able to adjust bumps or changing center of gravity...) -burst thrust (and duration) (for maybe manouvering thrusters that can serve as torque for angular speed damping) -preheat (kind of acceleration inertia but only at startup, an engine with a need to preheat a lot will probably have more thrust and could be used as a main engine) -minimum/maximum speed in atmosphere (Some engines in our world already have a minimum speed, because they need a minimum air intake, and some in this game could also have a maximum speed, where the flow of air disturbing the reaction could be a viable excuse ) -fuel type (electricity/ hydrogen+oxygen mixture... plenty of stuff to play with... and fuel delivery to the thrusters could add up some pretty interesting build desings, really looking forward for that) I already see combat frigates using electricity and low inertia thruster with some burst thrust to help with turning... Commercial crafts using a heavy fuel with a really high preheat but with lots of thrust to be able to carry monstruous amount of goods.... that would make a lot of sense and prevent people from putting the same thruster everywhere because it's the most efficient in terms of thrust/(size*energy), since there will be a lot more parameters to think about... That's pretty much it.. again you could add a lot more parameters that i didn't think of and will add reasons to have dedicated ship builers that know their stuff and inexperienced or ininterested people will need to buy these creations because they won't have time for it... Again excuse my terrible english I hope your eyes are still alive... If you see mistakes feel free to correct me! Thank you for this awesome game!
  2. Example: one thing I don't like about Space Engineers that breaks immersion is that you can cover the intake of an atmospheric engine without any negative effect. Also you can completely enclose any thruster inside of a ship. Would it be possible to not allow this on constructs in DU?
  3. As seen in other games such as space engineers, there are multiple types of propulsion. These range from atmospheric (electric jets) to hydrogen (gas fuel) and ion (energy only). This being a game largely about getting up and out to space, what thrust types are there and would we need fuel for each of these thrusts and will there be some form of aerodynamics like drag and lift/ wings. Improvised thrust is also there such as using artificial gravity and artificial mass to create a self-propelled mechanism. Thoughts?
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