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Found 2 results

  1. 1) The character now needs oxygen. 2) The planet may or may not have oxygen in the atmosphere. There are atmospheres with different oxygen content. If oxygen in the atmosphere less than 7%, then the character begins to lose life. 3) The character loses life with an open helmet - from the last paragraph. The helmet can be opened and closed. While the usual unisex head. 4) If a character opens a helmet in open space, then he instantly dies. 5) At different altitudes of the planet - the oxygen content is different. 6) There is no oxygen under water. 7) The character has a portable oxygen tank, it stores inside oxygen yourself. This balloon is activated when the character lowers the helmet. And it turns off when the character raises the helmet and the circle is full of oxygen. ? Static oxygen cylinder. There are options XS, S, M, L. Installed to bases or ships. They contain much more oxygen. 9) If the base or ship has a hole between the "street / space" and the inner the room, then oxygen will escape there and decrease inside the room. 10) An oxygen ingot or oxygen gas (lower concentration) can be loaded into the tank. 11) Oxygen can be obtained using the "Hydroponics" building. Hydroponics needs to be connected to a tank or container via a "link". Hydroponics needs to be placed plants (1-2 varieties are available at first). Plants produce seeds after growing. Basic plants can be found in nature - pick gently with your hand to take it later and plant them in Hydroponics. Hydroponics will require electricity in the future for the operation of ultraviolet lamps, as well as water for irrigation and fertilization (since the earth will be depleted). 12) Alternative structure for oxygen production (in case the world is deserted and there is no vegetation nearby). Gas splitter. What is he doing? It splits atmospheric gases and stores them. Those. extracts an ingot of oxygen and hydrogen from the air. But you need to be careful with him, because during its operation, data is taken from the atmosphere gases - and the planet has a limited resource of these gases. In the future, his can be replenished by planting trees or the same Hydroponics in the open the room. 13) Reversible Ozone Ingot. What it is? From it you can get 1.5 oxygen ingots. Made in the Chemical Industry. 14) The special skill of the character "breathing technique" allows you to save consumption oxygen. 15) Stasis chamber (as in the movie "Aliens"). The character can lie in it while the ship is flying. In Stasis mode, the character does not consume oxygen, but skills in this mode also are not studied! 16) If there is a lot of oxygen in the atmosphere (more than needed), then the character receives "oxygen burn ", which also takes lives. 17) Under water with an open helmet, a special scale appears in the HUD, the breath holding scale. It gradually decreases while the character is underwater. Initially, it is 1 minute. A character through a skill can develop it up to 5 or even 10 minutes. When the character moves, then he spends this scale faster. When the scale reaches 0 seconds, an animation occurs - from the mouth the character comes out with a lot of bubbles and he dies. 18) When the scale from the last point is close to 15-10%, then the sound of "strong tapping heart. "The same thing happens with a closed helmet when in a portable oxygen tank there is little oxygen left. Red marks also appear on the peripheral vision, and in the eyes darkens. 19) When the character opens the helmet in an oxygen-free environment, the exit animation goes oxygen from the helmet. The same happens when a hole opens in a ship or base. outside, there is also an animation of oxygen leak. 20) The gas splitter also extracts carbon from the atmosphere. 21) Ships during flight in the atmosphere emit a little carbon (from Nitron fuel), so thereby replenishing the total carbon in the atmosphere. 22) A high carbon content in the atmosphere leads to the death of a character, as well as too small content. The same goes for Nitrogen. 23) Plants release carbon into the atmosphere like garbage. 24) Nitrogen can be used to make fuel. Nitrogen can be mined through Gas splitter. In the future, from waste plants, as well as from sand. Nitrogen is the same can be used for the manufacture of ammonia in the future (for refrigeration units). Still to mine in the gas giants. 25) Nitrogen can also be used to produce fuel. 26) Sealed corridor with 2 doors (compartment). It's built as the only way to leave building / ship to the street where there is no oxygen. This building has its own oxygen tank. Does not need replenishment. oxygen is supplied when all doors are closed. And this evacuated when the exit door is open. This compartment will allow you not to waste oxygen. from a building or ship. If the player puts ordinary doors, then oxygen leaves through them. They are not completely sealed. There are different sizes of compartments for larger may enter or even small cars (largest compartments).
  2. Hello fellow Arkship passengers I found out this official Artwork at Dual Universe page on IndieDB a few days ago and this thing blow up my mind That will be awesome if we can be a Hunter, hunting for Unique Animals that spreads on each planets in each unique Solar Systems. And we can Extract something useful from it, resources like : Their meat for some foods Their skin / fur for some clothes & accessories, or even some armors ? Or perhaps we can tame them as Space Pets Also, i think by adding "Hunting" aspect to the Skill Tree system will be awesome (especially for players that love hunt) so the hunting activity will be much exciting & challenging as the skill progress. Adding a Hunt-Specific weapon & equipment will be also interesting, like : Tactical Arrow that shown on the Artwork A large & strong Net to trap Animal that passing by Or perhaps a Fishing Rod ? I realize that i wish too much for a game that even has not been released but hey, i just give my opinion & ideas . I hope the Developer will see this as a potential feature in the future What do you think ? do you have any great ideas ? Let's discuss Image Source : www.indiedb.com/games/dual-universe
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