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Found 3 results

  1. Bonjour,bonsoir, Le détecteur de minerais vois-t-il uniquement des minerais sur votre parcelle ou pas du tout ?
  2. The Morrigan Consortium - What are we? We are an Organisation of like minded creative individuals such as scientists, engineers who believe the future lies in technological advancement. What is our focus? Our initial focus is mining for resources and to design functional and advanced star ships of all types, both military and civilian but our long term focus is Technological advancement of the human race. Is the Morrigan Consortium a Civilian or Military organisation? We are mainly a Civilian company but we do have a Militaristic side. I heard your factions wishes to stay neutral is it true? Yes and no, there's an emphasis on 'wishes' but we will stick by any and all allies we may have should they be attacked or declared war on. But considering we also design Warships we will need a way to test them in combat, We will not aggravate others to start a war though. Whats the ranking system within the Consortium like? Considering we have two sections within the Consortium (Military and Civilian) we have two different rank structures but they both report to the Consortium Head. Miner / Executives { / \ Consortium Head { Designers --> Engineers \ Rear Admiral --> Commodore --> Captain --> Lieutenant --> Crewmen I know that the Consortium Head is the leader but who is the current head? The Current Consortium Head is Charles Augustus. Who are your allies? Currently we are a member of the Coalition of Pirates and Smugglers. (COPS) Why would i join the Morrigan Consortium? If you like designing ships or even building them we do a lot of that so that's a good reason why. We also do a bit of mining for players who are interested in gathering resources, the lifeblood in this new age.
  3. The Stratum Corporation The Stratum Corporation is Dual Universe's first corporation with the sole purpose of mining and extraction of valuable minerals. Our corporations mission is simple: To meet the needs of raw materials required by contractors and get paid to do it. If you are looking for a straight forward and bare bones operation then you've found it. As far as roleplay goes we will feature certain light elements such as corporate hierarchy, promotions, and corporate bureaucracy. That said, there are many different positions available for players of most playstyles. Our company doesn't just need miners it also needs administrative staff, researchers, engineers, marketing, prospectors, armed escorts, and many more positions! Feel free to inquire about any position you might be interested in. Since we are a corporation we will strive to be neutral to all established governments and go out of our way to avoid conflicts. The Stratum Corporation is entirely PvE based and will only PvP to defend mining operations from pirates and thieves. What We Can Offer You We can offer you a safe avenue of accumulating wealth and growing economically in dual universe. You will also be eligible to work your way up the corporate ladder snatching jobs that pay better and better. We will also help all of our new employees get started by supplying them with basic supplies, tools, and a means to work. Corporate Structure Our corporation's structure consists of three tiers. Tier 1: Administrative Tier This is where the most experienced members of the corporation sit. Among the members of this tier are the Chairman, CEO, COO, CFO, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Engineering Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Protection Officer. These members are in charge of managing the entire corporation. Tier 2: Managerial Tier This is where intermediate members of the organization are. Among the members of this tier are the divisional managers of mining operations, engineering, information, politics, protection, and marketing. These members are in charge of making sure all operations run smoothly. Tier 3: Worker Tier This is where new hires go and comprises most of the labor force. Among the members of this tier are the miners, engineers, researchers, prospectors, protectors, and any job the corporation needs. These members are in charge of conducting operations. Positions Available All positions are subject to promotion! Chief Operations Officer - Responsible for handling and managing the daily operations of the corporation. Chief Financial Officer - Manages finances for the organization. Chief Administrative Officer - The manager of managers. Chief Information Officer - Responsible for gathering and overseeing data from prospectors and scouts. Chief Engineering Officer - Responsible for overseeing the R&D branch of the corporation. Chief Marketing Officer - Responsible for finding and securing new contracts. Chief Protection Officer - Responsible for Protecting all of the companies assets and organizing armed escorts for dangerous operations. Miners - They mine things. Engineers - They design much needed blueprints for the corporation such as new ships and mining equipment. Scientists - They research the best methods of conducting an operation. Prospectors - The prospector is responsible for finding valuable minerals and aiding in the mining process. Protectors - Protectors are responsible for ensuring the safety of all workers during the operation. Now Hiring! If you feel like you are interested in joining all you need to do is submit the following application to this thread. Application for Employment Name: Age: Native Language: Preferred Playstyle: Requested Position: Why do you want this position: Why are you qualified for this position: A Message to Governments of the Stars If you are in a position of power in a certain government and would like to request our services in the future please let us know in the comments below. I will add you to a list of corporate friendly governments. Additional Information Preferred Language: English Timezones: Any Voice Client: Discord Feel free to give me any input on the corporation!
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