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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, my name is Sparx but my friends call me Sparx, this is my first time here. I am not a bot the last time I checked and look forward to playing with all of you
  2. Hi, Im Zaton and Im a French student in London. Can't wait to try out this game!
  3. new to the forums. Enjoying the pre-alpha test so far. I'm into space construction games like Space Engineers. yeah. Praise CLANG
  4. Hello to everyone, im glad i coudl finally make it to the Arkship. Once i saw this game i was extremely excited, i knew i had to get my hands on a copy.
  5. Hi there folks! My username is Morkeyest. An MMO Build-a-verse, FPS, & RPG all in one, containing accessible and near-complete emergent gameplay? I imagine I'm far from nthe first to say that this game is a dream come true. Unfortunately, I currently don't have an operating system that would be able to handle what the specs of the game will probably be, but I will most definitely be investing in one. Until then, I'd love to be a part of the community and the journeys ahead. In terms of factions, a lot of the organizations' summary pages are very thorough and do contain articles of interest, so I'm wondering: if I were to apply for citizenship of a federal entity within DU, which one would you personally suggest applying to?
  6. I know the Dev's want to bring new players up to speed quickly with basic skill sets. An idea: You start the game with a choice, remain asleep and arrive at the planet with basic skills functioning following some cutscene about the knowledge being implanted while you slept(not recommended) and take it from there or, You have the option to be temporarily awoken for Synapse Familiarization, muscle memory whatever. During your waking phase you get the usual tutorials you get from games, this is how you move, this is your inventory, this is how you shoot, this is how you mine, this is how to add skills, this is how you craft etc. As it's during the journey, maybe on the old holodeck, nothing it permanent so you get to mess around with options a little before commiting yourself to the live shard and making a mess of it. Once the tutorial is complete you are put back into stasis and arrive with your new knowledge.
  7. It has come to my attention that very few, if any, people here know me. My fault entirely, as I am usually a private lurker behind the scenes. It is not often I wish to bask in the warm glow of limelight. To that particular end, I've been working on a new freighter design and lost track of the months. Then it took almost a full three weeks to get the lithium grease out of my clothes and make myself presentable. *sigh* Anyhow, I sold that design, which wasn't my best work, to someone who needed it "right now". You may be wondering why you should care? WELL, I'll tell you, I'm "in the money", so two rounds of drinks are on me! Cheers! ( I'm a RPvPer, and a semi-troll; sue me ) Oh, and I heard Vulture Corp was hiring? Is this correct?
  8. Hi all- I'd like to introduce myself. I am an avid gamer/ sci-fi fan and am very excited to see this community and game grow. I go by SylverWulf or might also be known as Silvertip83 (legacy). I ran Seraphim Initiative Corp in Eve online and launched and maintained one of the largest Dust 514 initiatives. Currently I am heavily invested in Star Citizen and am in the process of launching an organization there known as Unetix. Needless to say I have a passion for space the features (specifically the scriptable constructs) of Dual excite me greatly. I'm looking forward to meeting more friends here and can't wait for more info on Dual to come out. See you out there, Sylver
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