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Found 4 results

  1. Hello DU bros! We've got a couple of threads about what to play while were waiting and we've got a forum for introductions. But it would be lovely to know your gaming background with the focus on Sci-fi games and Sandbox games. For me I started out with the first game I bought (for 9 Gulden, the Dutch currency before the Euros) as a 12 y/o kid: Ascendancy From there on this list is what got me busy the next decade and a half in random order - Freelancer - Homeworld 1 & 2 - Freespace - Star Ranger - Minecarft - Space Engineers - Space Station 13 - Global Agenda - Planetside 1 & 2 - Elite: Dangerous - Ark: Survival Evolved - FTL - Hellion - Dungeon of the Endless - GRAV - Endless Space - Fractured Space - Empyrion - Galactic Survival - Stellaris - Star Drive - Planetary Annihilation - Pulsar: The Lost Colony - EvE - Galactic Civilisations II These are the games I've played for some length. The ones with singleplayer campains I've all finished. I've spend an ungodly amount of time in minecraft and space engineers designing factories and bases. Also currenly immersing myself in Space Station 13 again. Playing on a remote 8chan server. They can be bastards, but they're beautifull bastards. GRAV was interesting, not as optimized as I would've wanted. Empyrion was fairy easily broken when bases had roofs covered with guns like their roof-tiles. StarDrive is kinda a less superior Endless Space. Hellion is like a 3D Space Station 13, but less wacky and much more survival aimed. Also, these are just the Sandbox and Sci-fi games I could think of that I played. So... what's your story or your list?
  2. So my birthday is coming up (Feb 6th) and I was wondering if the DU community would want to come together to do a Gaming Tournament which will be hosted by TSE! It's just a idea right now to see who would be interested! I would like to vote on some games but so far I'm thinking EA Battlefront or Overwatch,if you think you have an idea for a good game to have in the vote just tell me!
  3. DU STEAM GROUP LINK I'll keep details of the servers setup for our various games in this post, currently we have a server for Space Engineers, and one for Empyrion coming online tomorrow. (Special thanks to Wilks Chekov for making this happen.) Feel free to join the steam group, and add other people in the community as a friend. Also feel free to post your steam id in this thread if you want. The poll had many varied votes, and several of you chose games other than Space Engineers/Empyrion. That's fine of course, and nothing can stop you from meeting up with other members of the community to play those games. Just join the steam group and have fun! DU Space Engineers Server Server Name: Dual Universe SE World Name: DU-SE
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