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  1. In game, so far. What is it that we can build? Say I fancy making items for residences, can I make an oven? What if I want to make weapons, etc?
  2. Yeah, I guess all we can do is wait and see what happens. There are so many different factors to think about, but you just have to let it start and then let the ecosystem develop I suppose.
  3. In regards to your point on 'void cities' attributed to people building int heir safe VR chambers, I don't think this would be a long-term issue. Not everyone is equipped to build for extended periods of time. It won't be long before these people get bored and go off to do a slash & grab or go off to explore, which will fix that potential issue pretty quickly. If you think about it, people to a certain degree emulate what they do in the real world. If you aren't good at building, you probably aren't going to spend a long amount of time doing it. Instead you will be doing what you are good at or want to try, moving on quickly to the things that bring you excitement. The game is probably going to have a cost to play month by month, so people aren't going to pay for something that will make them bored. Hence why void cities wouldn't be a problem I would have thought. My further reasoning for this VR void, is that it means people can't just come and blow you up, knocking away all your hard work, which will certainly put people off if all they want to do is build.
  4. Hi Lethys, thanks for your reply. I get what you are saying. But even though this is an MMO, not everyone wants to be a part of an org. The idea of the game that this is a virtual universe. What do you do in real life if you want to make your millions? You start your own company, you do what you are good at and sell your services. Why should this be any different because it's an MMO? I think it is going to be a case of having to start an org anyway. But it would be nice to have a mechanic in the game that lets you build what you want, without having to do so, technically in-game.
  5. So I'm going to go ahead and say that you are a brilliant story-teller. Very emotive! And I totally understand where you are coming from, and I agree. I should have made it clearer. What I mean is that there should be the option to do it by yourself. There are going to be people that probably don't like to go out and do all the things there will be to do in the game, but just want to make things. If, like me, you might be thinking of making an organisation or something where you simply output things in to the universe, then this option is great to start making money. Because if not there is going to be a high chance that as soon as the organisations.....organise themselves, that the individual person is going to have no choice but to join one of them because they will take over everything if not. So there needs to be a way to make money or separate yourself from the outside world. Personally, in something like DU, I want to be able to fly off a planet, use whatever I construct to enable me to have the experience I want. But also to remove myself from it all and just create.
  6. HI All, Hope you are all well. I know what is included in this post has probably been posted a thousand times but I thought I would outline what I would like to see, just in case there are some original thoughts here. It might also be nice to come across individuals who might share the same wants! In regards to building, I think it would be great to have the ability to create blueprints in an unlimited way. For example, if you want to start an organisation who's specialty it is making car blueprints, you should be able to have a space outside the game, like in Kerbal Space Program where you can just build away to your hearts content. Save the blueprint and then sell it on. Obviously you would then have the ability to build whatever it is that you have blueprinted if you wanted, by going out and getting the materials etc. I think this would be great for those who maybe are amazing at building things, but aren't so great, or necessarily interested in flying around, getting materials and possibly having their ships, building destroyed etc. You don't see an architect down the building supplies store, or cutting down trees to make their creations, so I think that there should be a mechanism for this. The way in which this could work is when you have your starting claim of land. You could have a pre-made building which has all the basics in it and then a terminal for the creation of blue prints. This then takes you to an empty plot of land, which has all the limitations of building, without the ability to shape the land, and you build your creation. Then, you take the blueprint to the people you want to sell it too. What do you all think?
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