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  1. "It's darkest right in a lamp's light" she smiled back at him knowing the only thing that matters is her revenge. "I will conduct an investigation first before destroying everything that might lead me to who I'm after" she thought. "How much time do I have?" she asked after a while. "I'm gonna need means such as explosives, guns, ammunition, ship, more ships, even more explosives..." she enumerated while standing up "...give me contacts and make them aware I'm coming and I'm after the best". *Closes distance between their faces looking him in the eye* "This man, Aaron, will he know who sent me or shall I keep it secret?" "See tracking him down wont be a problem, getting to him even less, torturing him a pleasure" *Smiles plainly* "But there is one issue I see, how do you plan on keeping me loyal after I pick up all the stuff I need for the mission? I will have all I need to find people I want and won't need you nor your tracker anymore" "What if Aaron calls a bigger price?" - she continued while walking behind him "How can you be sure I won't stab you in the back?" she whispered as she pressed herself on his back with hand imitating a blade. "What if I already work for him trying to gain your trust?" *Door to the hangar opened interrupting the scene*
  2. *Takes a tiny step back* Kuro's eyes focused on a tiny spot between his eyebrows as he made his point. This tiny dot she was always aiming at. "Magical" - she thought silently. Looking at the very same spot makes your conversant feel like there is no world to you beyond what they are saying right now. She smiled as he briefly introduced her first assignment. "I must be misheard dear sir" she said to herself when she heard to kneel before him. The only man she knelled before was her father and now him. Nobody ever even dared to make her do this. "Disgrace! Death!" screamed every inch of her body, soul and instincts. "It doesn't matter!" echoed in her brain, "Whatever it takes, remember?" battle raged and time was running away. *Dropped on her knee, so rapidly it almost seemed like she was pushed down* "Now, give me the details please" she asked with her head down in a defeated grin. In this very moment she swore that nobody will ever put her on her knees and those who will try shall die instantly, no matter the consequences. "Yeah, that'll be rule number one in this world" she thought. [CoreVamore As you can see I don't have much time myself, now working full time 42 hrs a week and starting my own business so leaves me short of time. Aaron Cain I'm hoping to meet your character soon :) Both of you Thank you in advance. Wow this actually helps a lot :) I also am in the middle of my first novel.. anyway thank you so much]
  3. *Kuro continues to stand still while listening to Core, then without a frown nor blink of an eye slowly approaches him* *First step* - Soo in case of a bigger conflict... - rolling her eyes to their upper right corner squinting them and ducking slightly and suddenly, raised her hands trying to grab something like a balloon in the air or a hypothetical idea. *Second step* - ... you make what's needed, right... - continues weird, maniacal, dance-like move towards Core, over exaggerated gesticulation and alike. *Third step - invading his personal space* - ... and you sell it to.. whoever.. needs.. it.. - she lowers her voice to something between whisper and moan, pausing after last four words as she pokes Core in his chest with her right pointing finger - am I wrong? - she prolonged the last word as she looked him deep in the eyes leaving her right hand on his chest. *Steps to her left and glides hand to his right shoulder* - It happens I have a "bigger conflict" and I'm in need what is needed - rounds around him whispering nearly to his ears - what you want me to do to get it? *Chuckles madly as she returns to his front, licking her lips and biting them with crazy desire of murder in her dark eyes* Out of action, I think it's a banging intro to a novel, CoreVamore, Aaron Cain - would you like to continue with me on this story? I'd be honored. I have only broad idea but with help of you lovely writer fellows and other users of this forum, maybe we could write something good up
  4. *Kuro suddenly sneezes, in fact so sudden, she rolled her head between shoulders, still standing like nothing happened waiting for her conversation partner to respond*
  5. "- Trust me - looks him tops to bottoms - young man, make something good and you need more than one bodyguard - seductively lowered her tone trying to reach closest to his face she could being much shorter than man standing in front of her. Winks him in the eye, takes a step back and leaning on one leg with both hands on her waist and says with normal, dangerously plain tone: - Manufacturing is still a living, what do you manufacture? Weapons? Ammunition?"
  6. Thank you! "Kuro's untrustfully eyes filled with some kind of void that accented the dark colour looked a much taller than her man in his 20s coming straight towards her with a big, honest smile on his face and his palm reaching for handshake. She hesitated for a moment however the cold blood and pure calculation let her shake his firm hand with confidence. - So english eh? Glad I took those classes - she smiles back. Name's Kuromatsuki but call me Kuro. And you are? - her sight wanders off to her eye level where she can see identification plate sewed onto a shirt which says "CoreVamore". - So Core I need a job in security, do you know anything about it? - she looks him straight in the eyes trying to sense a lie."
  7. Hi there, as a person I'm Sam, polish but lives in United Kingdom, 30 yo, male. Enough about me, let's talk my character - Kuro. Kuromatsuki Yami (name Kuromatsuki is freely translated as Black Moon Festival and family's name Yami is darkness) is the best assassin in her generation of long lived, ancient and very powerful Japanese warrior dynasty. It also happens she's the first born of the 1000th generation of Yami dynasty. Over those generations Yami were nobody but hit-men and perfected the art of death-dealing. Few of those who witnessed those acts and lived long enough to tell anybody were reporting some kind of paranormal properties. Some say these people use magic. Her first victim was her dojo rival at the age of 5. Unofficial data confirms 567 lives taken until the age of 20. "No matter how good you are there will always be someone better" The Yami house was attacked by unknown hostiles while celebrating Kuro's 20th birthday just 2 months ago. Kuro is the only survivor of the massacre and had to flee to the distant galaxy. Now she's trying to make a living in new society with what she knows the best. Just last night joined The Meridian Jumpworks. Her plan is simple - avenge the family.
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