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  1. Ah, I hadn't signed an NDA yet (unless it was in the initial terms?). Thanks for the info! Edit: Just got the download link, and saw the NDA! Of course, I will comply!
  2. Hello Everyone, I first heard of this project a year or two ago, but I haven't been following it too closely. I was unaware it had progressed to this point. As a Star Citizen and Space Engineers fan, this game really spoke to me, so once I saw that pledging was open, I jumped in with both feet. I see there is an Alpha running today, but have not yet gained access. I hope it's not to late to join in!? I don't know where to find the game client download, and the Alpha section still says I need to pledge to join, so I don't think my account has been validated yet. If I do get in, and I like what I see (I realize its still Alpha), I may start covering this game on my small YouTube channel as well, so I'll be digging into the website, forums and YouTube to educate myself in all things Dual Universe! If there's anything I should be aware of (like a good YouTube channel, or in-depth newbie guide) please drop a reply and let me know! Thanks! And I hope to see you guys in the Universe(s).
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