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  2. Well, that first test run was good fun - and have to give a big shout out to the helpful citizens and NQ folks that were in world chat. I expected things to be much more fragile than they were - so kudos. Tax.
  3. Yup. In 1960, "It's Now or Never" was a number-one record in the U.S., spending five weeks at number one and the UK, where it spent eight weeks at the top in 1960 and an additional week at number one in 2005 as a re-issue, and numerous other countries, selling in excess of 25 million copies worldwide, Elvis Presley's biggest international single ever.
  4. I could give you a run for your money. First vid game I played was Pong, in the canteen of a military base, a quarter a game. The day I was born, the Billboard #1 song was "It's Now or Never" by Elvis.
  5. I am, IRL, a software jockey and economist. Gamer since the 70s (age betrayal). Second Life artist and designer, back in the day. Signed up today. Looking forward to hooking in and tooling up. See you round the single shard. TT.
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