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  1. actually i think the upgrade system for your tool in no mans sky is more immersive for scifi games , exept their random appearance and inventory usage.
  2. I hope you are just testing it at the moment because restricting stuff like walking speed and calling it a skill to get rid of this is pretty lame :\ would be nicer if skills were just tradedable items like implants wich are really hard to craft and gave real skills like xray vision to find ressources to mine or show some aditional infos on things i focus like players or ships. They could be placed on unlockable limited space and also be rearranged like in wicher 3 or something. This walking speed things could be increased by just walking a lot, which would feel a lot more motivating like in skyrim or gta SA and 5. Unlocking tools are also questionable "skills", just let me craft them if you do not want me to have them on start.
  3. Where can i read some LUA tutorials for beginners? listed commands in CODEX are not enouth.
  4. Hi, i am MountainBerg and i am looking for a moderator who can approve my content so i can do something that will verify myself on discord
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