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  2. I am sure that once the game gets closer to fruition, some ace coding guru will create am editor that will let you plan your builds. Hopefully they wont waste previous dev time creating this as per the OP.
  3. I played eve from about 2006 and on and off since then. I didn't like the way the game headed, especially the war-dec system and am hoping that this game will prove to suit my needs better.
  4. Rellyk

    Hi There!

    Thanks, I managed to squeeze in about 30 minutes before the server came down...
  5. Hi All, I found the game this morning and rather impulsively purchased a silver pledge. I have just downloaded the game and wanted to introduce myself to you all. So, Hi, glad to meet you all and hope to see you all in game. Once I understand what I am doing I will be looking for a place to call home and learn all the game has to offer.
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