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  1. I am more than happy to pay 15 - 20 dollars per month for a game like this.   If it is 15 dollars a month and I spend 4 hours per day, that is about 13 cents per hour entertainment value.    If I go to the movies, I can rarely get out for less than 25 dollars...so around 12.50 per hour to entertain me.   And based on how long I spent in EVE, I will probably average a good deal more than 4 hours per day with a game like this.   Heck, I could spend an extra hour working overtime in RL and pay for 3 months of subscription at that price.

  2. From what I understand, I need to do a post on the forums for some authorizations to occur....discord etc.


    This is it.


    Hello.   My name is Aislynn.   Looking forward to trying the game and eventually getting into a clan/company/social group of some sort.

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