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  2. k thks for the info I'm looking at getting the Patron Pack TalkingDragon
  3. I been looking around and I dono if I'm just bad at searching or its not been covered.. hope you can help answer some questions.. I been looking at getting the Patron Pack and wanted to know what exactly that gives me acces to. In the pack comes the Pre-Alpha and then also 3 Beta Keys. Will I need this beta keys? Or me having the Pre-Alpha give me acces to all the test's till release were I will then ofc need to use the DAC's Depending the answer it changes my following question.. What will my friends be able to do with this keys if I give it to them. Also how will the game react to me using 4G network? Hope you can help me TalkingDragon (Help me and I will warm you, Get on my bad side and feel my ROAR ! ! !)
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