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  1. I have RL job and I can "gamble" on alpha 1, 2 and beta stage. After that if game earn it, I'll be subscriber. In my opinion it is not problem "Can I afford the game,?" main question is will the game be good enough to attract my money for a long time?
  2. I tried my best but while reading this thread I can't find answer on my question: If I somewhere in the wild build outpost and I do not have TU, what will happen to my outpost if someone "cover" it with his own TU ?? Thx in advance for answer
  3. This is my personal wiev on DAC and it is my opinon and plans for DU. I have enough money to pay subscription and play for fun, in Eve online never have to measure ISK/hour always doing activities which I like to do, not have to do. I have sam plan for DU. Buy subscription to play, buy DAC to get in-game money and then do activities I like. So there will be always DACs for players with enough in-game money and if you very active ingame you can play it for free. cu all in alpha 1
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