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    Hey, so I'm just beginning to look into Dual Univers but IDK if it's worth it to buy the game rn. I got Star Citizen but that game is just too much for my old PC so I'd like to make sure I don't make the same mistake twice. So I have a few Question :
    1) The site says 8G of RAM is the minimum but is that true ? (it wasn't for SC)
    2) Do I need to know how to code ? I looks like code will be integrated into the game just like it is for Space Engineers, is it ? (if so what lenguage)
    3) How come there isn't any gameplay videos online ? do you sign an NDA as you buy one of the packs ?
    4) If I buy a pack (most likely the basic one) am I guaranteed immediate acces to evverything that is currently available ?
    5) Is the game FUN ?! (solo as well as in groups)
    6) How much time do I need to inves in to truly enjoy the game ?
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