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  1. Those are all fine but i think i will wait abit before commiting to an organization just yet. we are afterall still 2 years out (give or take) from a release Much can happen in that time! And i do have an idea for a corp/org/empire structure tho so time will tell! Thanks for the offer tho!
  2. im still unsure about the whole survival mechanic with food and water where you have to eat every once in a while. Some games have done it really bad where you basicly have to eat just a small amount of food every 10 mins to function above average lvl in activites and stuff like that. But i do like the idea of commodities that have to be traded and flown across the universe and used by people. This create alot of new tactics where you can starve ppl out like with sieges of castles in the old days. It all depends on how its implemented tho
  3. I mean you only have to use two factor authentication per session. If you log out and back in you might need to use it again depending on how its implemented. Many services lets you tick a box saying "remember me on this computer for 30 days" atleast EVE does and it works well. The idea is if someone or you tries to log in on a computer you dont normally use you would have to use the two factor step. Its easy to use if you have a smartphone really i cant see any downsides with this at all
  4. The idea is good and sound but isnt this 100% implemented in a sandbox game like this? atleast it should be... War and economy go hand in hand along with politics and it would be a big let down if it wasnt like this. I would think twice about playing if this isnt in the game... Nothing better than to assault enemy supply line and take his stuff just to kill him with his own products
  5. I think of Hutta from SWTOR when you say that pollution and stuff I might even start an industrial organization/corporation (not for the purpose of polluting lol) but for the betterment of human technology and mankind! (also profit!) Hey Warden
  6. I must admit i prefer P2P aswell, atleast the way EVE does it. No sign up cost, no cost on expansions just 15 bucks a month for everything and then the optional PLEX ingame if you are rich enough. Also server maintanance and upgrades have costs too. Tho i must admit when i calculate what ive spent on WoW over the decade ive played i can see the argument against P2P. But all in all i did have fun in WoW except the last few exspansions which i tried but never got into really. The B2P can work for some but you would need an ingame store to purchase goodies and whatnot. As many have pointed out and i agree with is that this takes precious development time away from the core game and spends it on fluff or swag or what ever its called today.
  7. So, EVE did it. Discord did it. My email has it. and many other important programs/services has it too. Today most things have a two-factor authentication and for a good reason imo. Google authentication should be easy to integrate into most things so im asking, is this something that has been thought of? I would certainly like it if you did cause not only does it save alot of hassle for the player/user but it also saves service/support time/money if someone gets hacked. Im sorry if this has been brought up but my google-fu said it hadnt -Cybo
  8. Wow only been gone for a few hours thanks for the warm welcome!
  9. This might be a stupid question but i havent been able to find anything about it.. I was wondering how you will make cash in this game. I mean if theres no NPC and no PVE or not much PVE? I hope we arent gonna sell mats we need for building to NPCs as that would seem very wasteful.
  10. So ive been lurking for some time now and decided to make a hello world post I just want to say that im very excited for this game and hope they can deliver what they promise! If all things fail we still have EVE I will probably start out as an industrious character, or maybe an explorer. But i need more info on these professions before i decide which i hope we will get soon Best -Cybo
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