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  1. Slaxx tells me that he was super frustrated that all his work and effort vanished overnight, and being schizoprenic, he interpreted this as an assault on his very being - it was not unexpected for severe psychosis and anger to come from the result from this. In fact, NovaQuark should apologise to the way they handled this event last year in July, they didn't even talk to slaxx before nuking all his efforts and work. If anyone would have looked at TheSlaxx's comment history you'd always find him helping people, and only one time when his psychosis kicked in.
  2. Slaxx didn't deserve this; it was ascend who was the one who was ghosting accounts and inflating the orgs numbers, by the time slaxx found out it makes sense why he would be in such an angered state. Also slaxx is severely autistic/schizoprenic and can't handle these situations like normal minded people can, it's a shame that he lashed out the way he did but that's expected from people with mental disabilities. To NovaQuark, Slaxx has been threatening suicide often since you banned him from your game and removed his 500 Euro pledge, I fear for his life. If NQ doesn't want to listen then maybe the community would be more open minded.
  3. Welcome, I too am new here so I'm looking forward to be a part of this community.
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