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    Some questions about the game

    Thanks a ton again, im pleased they are countering ramming ships, i played a bunch of space engineers.. the combat in that game is just rams and bigger rams with war heads inside them.
  2. Lord Gecko

    Some questions about the game

    Thanks a whole bunch, the answers are really apreaciated, and ty for the welcome to the forums :)) i look forwards to being here.
  3. I haven't bought any founder package yet, will most likely purchase the silver soon though. I have a few questions i would love to have answered by someone more informed than me, i could possibly find some of this information if i googled it but tried and didn't really find anything. Do we know if the game will have rotors/pistons like in space engineers. Is the insane flying speed and acceleration we see in some of the trailers actual or just a showcase. As far as i understood there will be vehicle combat in the game, if so, will it work with some voxel destruction or just a health bar. Im generaly mostly interested in making awesome spaceships in an envoyrement where they are usefull, so do we know if the combat favours effective spaceships way more than "good looking"? I realise that we may not have information on everything here but if you know something some answers would be highly apreaciated, thanks you :).