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  1. SPACE DEFENSE FORCE Wing The main City Tranquility will house 6 Attack Wings, one for each main direction Squadron Any wing will be comprised of 4 squadrons of 5 Flights Flight Any flight is comprised of 5 ships With this the total number of ships will be 600 Positions we still need to fill: 3 Wing Commanders 12 Squadron Commanders (including wing commander) 90 Flight Commanders (including wing & squadron commander) 400 pilots (Including wing & squadron & flight commander) all other positions are already filled. RANKS
  2. Hmmm for some reason our names kinda blink together, Have fun here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hiiiiiiiii, Us hybrids can do with some petpet so we purrrrrrr all day. If you love to be part of the hybrid protection and promotion have fun organization, click this link and come join us!!! I'll provide some boxes, small ones big ones, ones to bite, ooh and dont forget the catnip! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/purrrrrrrrr Byeeeeeeee
  4. We found the ship but it needed a lot of rebuilding. For now we did the most important repairs and it is functional. And although we are still running from the war, this could be a safehaven, maybe not even for us alone but also for other refugees or maybe you are looking for a neutral flying city to make your home. So we opened the hangar bays and some rooms are now filled with beds so we have room for you. (needless to say this project will be mainly RP but the flying city will be build and it will have space for you) And now i sadly have to conclude
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