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  1. 13 minutes ago, Cybob19 said:



    I was mildly sad when I noticed it's day X today and I have not been able to bring myself to connect since idk... june or so?? Byebye my stuff, you deserved to be inventoried so I can spam the list on any screen I'll ever build ingame, but it wasn't meant to be...




    But your comment just gave me goosebumbs, thank you for your perspective. I feel so unencumbered.


    You're welcome :) 

  2. I try not to be negative because I love this game so much but this is really aggravating. Not only do we not have a time but the day itself is apparently still up for change? I'm literally calling out of work for this as I imagine many are, who have been waiting eight years. Not only that, but apparently they cant be asked to reply to us in this thread? 


    I am disappointed. 

  3. I have been a backer for *many* years. I play on an i9, 3090ti with ddr5 ram. I am a computer science teacher. 


    I am looking to join a team. I want to contribute in some way that the team needs in exchange for efficient answers to questions. 


    The most valuable resource that I can attain is the ability to ask a question and get an answer. Likewise, warm bodies are surely a valuable resource for a team. Hopefully there is someone out there that can provide and appreciate the arrangement. 


    If I can answer anything else please let me know. 

  4. You should all know that the chances of finding a randomly placed station increases exponentially with the distance from the most populated area. The statistical chances become infinitesimal very quickly. Though I am not a fan of the current mechanic, it is entirely logical to use hiding as a military tactic in this case. 

  5. What are some of the best ways for me to buy core BP's between now and reset? IE are there hubs/locations I should go to to buy from a market unit, are there individuals selling lots, or do I need to contact as many individual sellers as possible? Any insight would help thank you

  6. Is there a hardware guru out there that wouldn't mind working with me on my build? I'm a computer science teacher, I definitely know the basics, but I need help making sure I'm doing some things right like utilizing the full potential of my RAM, figuring out a motherboard, etc. 

  7. I learn better on paper. I want to play dual universe as well as I can, so it'll be a reference resource to help me learn. I am a teacher and my job is very high stress, having it on paper lets me zone out/decompress in an accepted way. 

  8. Hi, I am wanting to print out and make a binder of all the update notes. Does the below linked thread have all the update notes from that first date shown and onward?



  9. I know a lot about computers, I just get overwhelmed when looking at motherboards. I was hoping you guys would have a suggestion and then I could vet that specific suggestion. 

  10. Can someone help me pick an exact motherboard? (i know you guys suggest x570, but which specifically


    I am going to be running an rtx 3090 and amd 1950x, along with a few nvme drives. 


    Also, I have another question. 


    I have been playing w a 2080 connected to a 70 inch tv w an hdmi cord. Last night I switched to my alienware ultrawide and a displayport cable. The lag was DRASTICALLY reduced. What caused the reduction? Was rendering so many pixels on the larger TV taking the power, or was the HDMI bottlenecking, or was the HDMI port on the video card not as powerful as the displayport?

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